Find something to love in your current situation…

So I feel kind of bad writing about this but my little story ends on a positive & inspirational note, so, naturally, I thought I’d share 🙂

Hi Hi 

So, here I stood snapping a selfie all excited for my big Friday night plans — yoga followed by dinner with my parents. crazy, I know!  With this being the first week of cold weather + missing my babe like crazy, I’ve been doing a little bit of hibernating, but this girl will be out tomorrow night! haha
So, back to my story…

I think its safe to say that many of us yogi’s are pretty loyal to our studios + our favorite instructors that we’ve come to know and love. Sad to admit, but, branching out to take class with a new-to-me instructor just doesn’t happen very often. Depending on my day, I check the class schedules of my favorite studios and look for the names of my favorite instructors. I had a busy day, and wasn’t feeling the gym (which seems to be happening a lot lately) so naturally I looked for a yoga class at a time that I could make. Not naming any names, I winded up taking this class that wasn’t much of a class at all. At the start time I was the only one in the studio, which at that moment I was actually telling the instructor I was thinking of saving the class and just coming back some other time. A few minutes later, another girl walked in and I made the quick decision to stay. 

3 things that are important to me & love in a yoga class:
Music. A really fantastic, eclectic playlist with music that makes you feel, elevates the energy in the room & helps to deepen the connection to the practice.
–  The Instructor. An authentic teacher that I connect with, gives off good energy and motivates me to push thru the class.
Energy of the Room. I don’t necessarily like being mat on top of mat, but its pretty awesome to be in a studio full of empowered yogis – moving, breathing & sweating together – feeding off of each others energy. 

The studio was barely heated, the playlist sucked, and between the empty room & instructor, there was no energy to be found + feeling stiff as a board from yesterday’s boxing session, I’m slightly embarrassed to say I was miserable on my mat and the thought of getting up and leaving had crossed my mind at least 10 times. 

Finally about half way thru this 75 minute class, I got over the fact that I wasn’t dripping in sweat & flowing thru a fast paced vinyasa practice. I focused on my breath & tuned the not so great playlist out & embraced the class for what it was… which in all honesty, the class was exactly what my body needed. Slow flow, longer holds & ended with deep stretch on the floor. I never make the time for deep stretch classes, rather I choose the hottest & hardest classes I can find. My body has been super sore & tight from workouts throughout the week and this class was the perfect way to unwind both physically & mentally after a long week. We ended class in one of favorite floor postures – a chest & heart opener. Lying on your back with a block (skinny side up) placed between your shoulder blades, you simply lay there, arms out like a T, palms facing up and just…breathe, feel the opening in your chest & font of your shoulders and just be there on your mat & in the present moment. 
Laying there, as I felt the warmth of the room (I plugged 2 heaters in around me) + the tension melting away from my chest, I felt so calm, loose & happy that I had stayed for the duration of class. 
Moral of the story….whatever your current situation may be, find something to love about it. Be ok with where you are at this moment in your life – use it, grow from it and become a stronger, better version of yourself. xx 

I leave you with a few quotes that I like & are fitting with this post: 

– If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it,
change the way you think about it. 
~ Mary Engelbreit
– Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day. ~Author Unknown
– Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. ~Francesca Reigler

Much Love, 

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