Fitness Recap: 9.21 – 9.28.14

Hello Hello. Sharing what last weeks workouts looked like. Hopefully this offers up some motivation to stay focused and work up a sweat on yet another rainy day here in CLT. poop 🙁 lol 

Sunday: 9.21
– 90 minutes, hot yoga

Monday: 9.22
– Treadmill: 3 miles
– Pilates Mat Work: core & lower body
– small circuit for chest, triceps and rear delts

Tuesday: 9.23
– 60 minutes, power pilates at the YMCA

Wednesday: 9.24
– Pilates Mat Work: Core & Lower Body
– Treadmill: 3 miles

Thursday: 9.25
– rest, stretch & foam roll

Friday: 9.26
Treadmill: 3 miles
– stretch & foam roll

Saturday: 9.27 
– 90 minutes, hot yoga fusion
– 7 miles, outside – 3 miles/run, 4 miles/walk

Sunday: 9.28
much needed day of rest after our Saturday workouts

Side Note: I’ve touched upon the fact that I am just NOT a runner and I’m constantly working to keep my legs pain free. However, you’ll notice that last week was a bit heavy on the running. Well…jogging, really. I wouldn’t consider my pace a “runner” haha
My boyfriend on the other hand, is a runner and can easily go bang out 10+ miles. (shoot me)
I volunteered myself for an outdoor run/walk that turned into 7 miles around the city on Saturday. Mind you, this was after 90 minutes of hot Yoga Fusion where we already did I don’t know how many squats, lunges, burpee’s, push ups, all that fun stuff…

I am always setting new fitness goals for myself (and you should, too) in order to keep challenging and changing my body.

My current little goal I’ve set for myself, 3 x 3 x 3…
Run/Jog 3 miles | 3 x a week | 3 minute intervals with 1 minute walk in between. I’ve done this for the last 2 weeks, its what feels good to me, serves my body and seems to be working well. 

With all that being said, we did another 3 on Saturday + walked 4. I am a treadmill person, not an outdoor worker-outer. Running on the treadmill is nowhere even close to running outside.
Needless to say, the run murdered my legs – shins, calves, hip flexors and TFL’s – I have been cozied up to foam roller and using The Stick today 🙁

Post-Run Stretch. I can’t even describe how ahhhmazing this felt. 

Fitness lesson of the day? Listen to your body and don’t over do it. xx

Much Love, 

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