Hello hello. Hope you guys have had a wonderful week! Alright, this week’s’ FitSpo Friday is a little different and pretty much based upon how I’ve been feeling over the last 10 days or so, which can all be summed up with one word – hormones. yep.So, some months more than others I suffer from some pretty crazy PMS symptoms. I’m not going to go in depth about this right now, but will explain this terrible feeling in another post. All I’m going to say now, is that I have to do everything in my power to fight against this terrible feeling – lethargy more than anything – that I experience for anywhere between 5-10 days before I get my little monthly visitor. So the good news is I’m feeling back to my normal, energetic self as of yesterday and the hormonal torture is over.

Rather than an ass kicking workout, tonight’s fitspiration is to love, nourish, listen to your body & take it easy when your body is telling you to slow. it. dowwwwwn. This is just as important as the working out & pushing hard piece of the puzzle. I have learned 2 things over the last few years when it comes to my workouts: 1) when to push & when to back off 2) it IS okay to rest….for more than a day.

Take Care of Your Body Quote

Based on the above, workouts have been more cardio intense + yoga because that’s just what my body has been craving and I’ve lacked the energy to move thru any intense strength sessions.

Workouts have looked like this for the week:

Sun: 50 minutes cardio (run/walk intervals) + 60 minutes hot  yoga
Mon: sexy back workout
Tues: 60 min hot yoga
Weds: 60+ minutes of inversion & arm balance work
Thurs: 60 minutes cardio + 60 minutes hot yoga Friday: 20 minutes cardio

Clean Eats

Thursday was a high carb day that started with this huge bowl of oats + two (small) sweet potatoes pre & post workout. Cardio was pretty intense – 5 minute power, incline walk/5 minute run for 60 minutes. I’ve written before that definitely am not a runner so this was a challenge for me + my legs were feeling a tad “heavy” from Monday’s workout.

Oatmeal + Golden Raisins & Pecans

1/2 Cup Oats | 1 TSBN Chia Seeds | Golden Raisins | Raw Pecans

Chicken + Sweet Potato

Ate this sweet potato + an apple pre workout and saved the chicken for after.

Spirulina Green Smoothie -

had a little fun with the blender again and created this super tasty green smoothie bowl with cucumber, strawberries & dried apricots on top. YUM!

Sweet Potato + Eggs + Asparagus

pretty random dinner before hot yoga.

LS - FItPic

drenched & pooped after cardio

Today was a lower carb day that kicked off with this yummy lean & green brek! I had a really fantastic meeting this afternoon that ran for a good 3 hours.. Ran some errands afterwards and then was STARVED! So naturally, I popped into Rush. Home –> Dinner –>  got sucked into some work online.  The plan was to get a gym sesh in late tonight because I thought the Y closed at 10pm but that was a negative. 930pm was the cut off so I squeezed in a quick 20 only to come right back home. meh better than nothing. I’ll be yoga fusion-ing my face off in the morning! yesssss

Fit Girl Breakfast - Green Smoothie + Eggs

Fit Girl Breakfast 😉

Rush Espresso - Chicken Salad

Late afternoon pick me up at Rush Espresso

Apple + Almond Butter

Apple + Almond Butter (again)

Ceasar Salad

Mahi Mahi + Asparagus

No meat Friday for Lent. Delicious Mahi Mahi dindin

Happy Weekend & Much Love,

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