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Hello Hello luuvas. Yayyye Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! I am so happy for the weekend. 1) its been a super busy week 2) it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend – oh yessss! It has been so freezing cold & rainy for the last couple of days AND just plain cold the entire week. The rain finally stopped, gloominess cleared and the sun finally showed its beautiful face around 430 today, which made for the most glorious sunset. I could not be happier about this!

I set my eyes on this gorgeous sky as I was walking into Earth Fare after work tonight…

CLT, sunsest

Here’s a peek at some of my Earth Fare goodies 🙂

Earth Fare Grocery Shopping

Good lawd! I swear I am forever running out of everything. Geeez. $96 later….plenty of greens for smoothies (Power Greens & Dandelion), restocked on my faves – Goji & Mulberry Berries. Organic, Frozen Mango. Picked up 2, single serve packets to try out a new Plant Based Protein (will let you loves know what I think) Organic Lemons (5 for $5, what a steal) Coconut Flour, Fresh Ginger, Blue Green Algae (one of the best sources of plant protein, worth the Google 😉 ) And lastly, Parsley. (bottom right) Grab a glass of water, fill 3/4 of the way and voilà! Great way to keep your Parsley fresh in the fridge. Just reach in to take a few pinches at a time. I’ll use these herbalicious greens for cleansing smoothies & salads.

Alo Juice - Awaken

sipped on this Alo Awaken while shopping…

Banana, Blueberry & Chia Seed Oatmeal

This mornings oatmeal just kept growing….
1/4 cup Oats + 1 TBSN Chia Seeds + 1 TSPN Maca Powder. Next I added a Banana and then I decided some blueberries were a good idea. Noms! Freezing cold & pouring rain, it would have been so nice to crawl back into bed snuggled up with this warm & cozy cup of oats.

Spinach & Cherry Green Smoothie

Midi Smoothie + 2 Scrambled Eggs (in coconut oil)
Green Smoothie: 2 handfuls spinach | banana | frozen cherries | cinnamon | cacao powder | coconut milk | shredded coconut

So I had all intentions of working out today however, yesterday’s boxing workout has left me ridiculously sore and even kind of in pain. My boxing coach stuck me in front of the mirror working on my technique for a good 5 rounds (3 min each) which on one hand, was a really good thing because I was able to correct some things that I needed to work on. But, on the other, it has left my right side crazzzy sore! I spent a good 30 minutes foam rolling, sitting/laying on my baseball and stretching. Pigeon, hurt-so-good. Not fun.

mixed salad & chili

tonight’s dindin: yummy salad & chili.

Catching up from Thursday…

My day went from bananas to semi-bananas. I had all my food packed and ready the night before. Totally prepared to be out of the house and training alllll day. Then, I received a text from my client that I travel to which said he needed to cancel. This opened up a good 2 hours in my morning. Boom – My day changed in an instant. This happens often. Oh, the life of a personal trainer.  So, I was able to come back home after my 7am to make some more coffee + a delicious omelette. No complaints 🙂

Oats & Blueberries

Breakfast 1) Plain Oats & Blueberries

Spinach & Potato Omelette

Breakfast 2) 2 Egg Omelette – Spinach | Potatoes | Goat Cheese | 1/4 Avocado
so good!

Healthy Snacks to go

Fruits, Quinoa & Homemade Raw, Trail Mix to go …
Thursday was kind of a random eating day. More so in the afternoon. I have these every once in a while, where I’m just go-go-go and by the end of the day I look back and notice I’ve eaten a whole lotta nothing. I split the quinoa & trail mix into 2 servings –  between clients and post boxing.

Cucumbers & Hummus

Cucumber & Hummus (cayenne sprinkled on top) + my fave blue corn chips & Jalapeño verde salsa.
Another random snack…ate this around 6 before showering to get ready and head out to dinner at Bisto la Bon with the girls. Sorry, no pics of dinner. Sometimes its just nice to simply enjoy a meal with friends, sans the camera.

This week in Fitness:

M:HIIT Treadmill workout
T: 30 minutes cardio + 1 hr hot yoga
W: Rest & Mobility Day (foam rolling + stretching)
Th: Boxing, 75 minutes F: Rest (more stretching)
Sat: Yoga Fusion, 90 minutes
Sun: still deciding

Fitness Fashion - Lauren Schwaiger

#SelfieStationThursday: pretty in pink Friday: love me some stripes

happy weekend!
xx LS

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