FitSpo Friday – 100 Rep Workout!

 Bonsoir and Happy Friday!
I can’t believe it is Friday again…this week flew!I’m just chillin, as I often do on my Friday evenings, currently at Rush – sipping on some warm almond milk + cinnamon  — this is like dessert in a cup. They don’t carry unsweetened here, so it truly does taste like a treat. Definitely too late in the day for caffeine and I just don’t see the sense in drinking decaf??  Speaking of dessert…I am SO proud of myself and my willpower (AND my accountability to you guys/this blog) If you remember, I gave up my beloved chocolate for Lent and I have stayed true to my promise — not a single piece of chocolate since Ash Wednesday. I typically have some type of (dark) chocolate at least 2x a week and definitely indulge over the weekend a little bit here and there. So, lets just say I will be a happy girl come Easter Sunday and this sweet, almond milk is pretty damn good right now. haha

More green smoothies, juice and lean protein today. Tomorrow is our big Charity Fashion Show and well, lets just say there will be a lot of skin being shown off along with the outfits walking up and down the runway — Short shorts and dresses! Ohlala Naturally, I want to look my best and rock it so this week has been pretty strict on food.

Banana Pineapple Ginger Green Smoothie

Power Greens Mix | Banana | 3 slices, Pineapple | Ginger | 1/2 lemon, juiced | Water & Ice

eggs, apple, chicken

2 Eggs for the road | Grilled Chicken + Apple (in between clients) | Big Mason Jar of White Tea

Beet, Carrot, Ginger, Apple Juice

Carrot | Apple | Beets | Ginger | Parsley | Cucumber
I’ve been loving on some juice this week — especially carrot + beet juice – literally makes your skin GLOW from the inside out!

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness

Time to workout!! wheeee

100 Rep Workout - Lauren

Happy Weekend loves! xx

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