FitSpo Friday

Hello Hi & Happy Friday.Somewhat short winded post on this Friday as it has been a super busy week -today included – and I am in need of some zzz’s. Had a very exciting meeting this afternoon about some really fantastic things on the horizon. I don’t really like to talk about things before they happen or even let myself get too excited, buut, I’m really (really) excited at the moment.
Other awesome news for this week, I’m in a teacher training all weekend to get a new yoga certification. I actually just got in from tonight’s session and we’ll be meeting again tomorrow & Sunday. Looking forward to sharing with you all.

On the food front, here are some of my eats over the last few days..

Egg Wgites + Smashed Avo Flatbread

I’m diggin’ these Le Pain des Fleurs crispbreads. New gluten free gem I discovered about 10 days ago at Harris Teeter. First of all, they have a beautiful French name which feeds into my love and well, obsession of all things French. So that in itself makes them pretty awesome.
They have 2 kinds, these Chestnut ones that I picked up and a quinoa type crispbread. So good!
I smashed 1/2 an avo + added some sun dried tomatoes on top along with my eggs. Noms.

Cucumber + Avo + Egg Whites

cucumber | banana peppers | egg whites | goat cheese | avo | pepper
I’m on a pretty big cucumber kick lately – smoothie, salads, cucumber + hummus…yum! They are just so crispy & refreshing.

mixed green & grilled chicken salad

Blackened Salmon Salad - Blackthorne

Met up with some friends at Blackthorne last night for a quick bite and just one vodka/water.
Blackened Salmon Salad with olive + lots of lemons squeezed on top, as you can see!
This salad was just ok. I asked for goat chz rather than blue and they brought it to me with blue. I’m not really one to send things back so I just ate it and picked around the crumbles.

Chicken, Asparagus & Mixed Nuts

super clean post workout eats this morning + grapefruit juice.
So refreshing!

Banana Green Smoothie

Pretty Spring Things (: Flowers x Green Smoothie
Spinach | 2 bananas | ground flaxseed | 1 lemon | ginger |
cinnamon | 1/2 almond milk & half water

2 bananas because I was starving & they were uber ripe

chicken + apple & AB

snacks for teaching training tonight

aaaand this weeks fitness report…

Mon: 1 hour fasted cardio
Tues: 30 minute power walk & hamstring & triceps circuit + 1 hour hot yoga
Weds: 1 hour fasted cardio + 1 hour arm balance/inversion yoga practice
Thurs: rest + an absolutely heavenly facial
Fri: 1 hour fasted cardio + 1 hour deep stretch yoga
Sat & Sun: not sure yet

Today’s hour of cardio split was, 15/30/15 – Precore AMT/StairMaster/Treadmill. As you can see, I’ve added fasted cardio into my routine and I’m really loving it + the results I’m seeing from it. Kinda crazy, but I feel more energetic throughout the day after working out like this AND I sweat like no other – feels incredible!

Its time for this girl to get some sleep. Happy weekend loves.

much love,


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