FitSpo Friday // 9.26.14

Happy Friday, dolls. Hope the week has been good to everyone!
Just finished up a good 3 mile jog followed by a much needed stretch and some stick time. Feels good 🙂

Din with the girls last night + one too many glasses of wine + up at 630 for an in office, group training session = serious thoughts about skipping today’s sweat sesh.  eeeek! 
A little bit of self talk before & during my run got me thru and as always I couldn’t be happier that I got it in!   
This week has been a struggle even for me, as we’ve barely seen the sun all week. So far, Fall has brought nothing but grey, gloomy & rainy weather and this seriously effects my motivation to workout. As you all know, I LOVE my workouts. But when the weather is consistently as it has been this week, even I have my days where I have to dig deep, get it together and make it happen. 
Music, peruse those hot body, health & fitness accounts on Instagram, flip thru a magazine, do what you gotta do and find your motivation.
Remember, you will never (ever) regret a workout!  When those thoughts about skipping come creeping in…you must squash ’em dead. 😉 xx

Who else gets a case of the rainy day woes and what do you do to push thru it?

Much Love, 

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