FitSpo Friday: Just GO!

Hello & Happy Friday lovelies! Hoping everyone enjoyed this short work week. Mine flew by, that’s for sure!
Feeling a bit lethargic & PMS-ish over the last few days, it was all I could do to get myself to the gym after work this afternoon. Aaaand just as I’ve mentioned in past posts, no more than 5 minutes in and Boom! …happiest damn girl in the world.
Walking into the gym, in my head, the self-talk-plan was: 20/20/20 cross training, cardio split because mentally, this gets it over & done with. But to my surprise, I had a rush of energy come over me and powered thru an hour long sweat sesh! Felt so incredibly GOOD! (see below for today’s workout)
For me, day’s like today are pretty rare, because I truly do love working out! Duh. However, I know that that’s not the case for everyone and that finding the motivation to even get to the gym can be a challenge all in itself. My workouts are an appointment with myself that I cannot & will not miss. I hold myself accountable in the same way my clients expect me to hold them accountable. Just like an appointment with a client… I wouldn’t cancel or miss a session because that would be letting them down. So why should it be any different for yourself? Once my schedule is in order for the week I know when & where I can squeeze in my own workouts – whether it be the gym and/or yoga. The times are forever changing because well, my life revolves around my clients (and I mean this in the best way).

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So, just like a meeting with your biggest client or your kids soccer game that you wouldn’t dream of missing, make your workout – your YOU time – just as important. Hold Yourself accountable, because no one else is going to get it done for you. I  P R O M I S E you – you’ll be one step (literally) & one workout closer to a healthier, happier you because “Geez, I really regret that workout” said No One. Ever.

Fitness Recap: 

Sunday:Sunday Sweat: Whooo my legs were sore from this workout!

Monday: – Happy Memorial Day & day of rest. LaDeeDa walk around the neighborhood in the evening.

Tuesday: – 60 minutes: Treadmill: Incline/Power Walk: Varying speed & incline – 60 minute Hot Yoga

Wednesday: – Hour & half of handstand, arm balance & inversion practice (will be posting some silly “bloopers” soon) – 60 minute Hottttt Yoga

Thursday:  – Rest Day

Friday: Cardio – StairMaster: 30 minutes – Treadmill: 4 minute incline power walk/1 minute Sprint for 30 minutes

Clean Eating

Spirulina, Banana Smoothie

Christmas smoothie, anyone?? haha

So simple & so delicious. presoaked 2 TBSPN of chia seeds in unsweetened vanilla almond milk | 2 super ripe nan’s | cinnamon | 1 TBSPN Spirulina

omelette & Fruit

chicken & salad

Eggs & Fruit

King Clip Fish + Mixed Greens Salad

Rush Espresso - Tuna Salad

Rush Espresso – Tuna Salad

GLOW Suja Juice & Kombucha

Thursday’s Liquids – 2 of my faves!

beef & sausage frikadellen & Krautsalat

Combo of Beef + Sausage Frikadellen | Grilled Zucchini | Krautsalat

Lauren Schwaiger - LSFit

Memorial Day pool time. A little personal fitspiration for you guys. Eat clean, get lean. Hard, work pays off. Consistency is key.

Happy Weekend & Much Love. xx

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