Five Minute Savasana

If I had it my way, no one would ever skip out on Savasana.
1) this is disruptive to the rest of the room enjoying their well earned rest
2) when, in any part of your day-to-day, do you take 5 full minutes to just…be?

The idea for this post came about at the end of my Tuesday night yoga class, as I watched nearly half the room moving about, fidgeting, twisting & turning on their mat, eyes open, and simply just could not ahhh… for 5 freakin’ minutes. I notice this often, but for whatever reason, I guess it just resonated with me a bit deeper on this day. I like to reserve a full 5 minutes for Savasana at the end of each class. 5 whole, delicious minutes of peaceful, quiet, calm, stillness to completely rest your mind, body & soul. 

Savasana, just like any other posture, IS an asana, and can take a bit of time to really tap into…expeically, for the newbie yogi. Savasana is your “reward” for working so hard during your  yoga practice. I totally admit that in the past, I have gotten up and left before Savasana many, many times. Mostly, because I was legitimately short on time and needed to get in that locker room to shower before it was a madhouse! lol  But, over the last few years, I’ve come to appreciate those precious, rejuvenating moments — body heavy, heart & mind light — {melting} into my mat after a hot & tough practice. Keeping in mind that everyday is different — how we feel emotionally, physically, mentally — personally, no two Savasana Sessions feel the same. Some days I lay there on my mat dead – like lifeless, as if I haven’t slept in a year, like can someone please peel me off of this mat??, without a single thought entering my mind. Other times, I feel antsy, and can’t stop thinking about what I need to be doing. 

Benefits of Savasana

 deeply relaxes the mind & body
allows the effects of your yoga practice to sink in
relieves stress
improves quality of sleep
can help to reduce blood pressure & anxiety
helps to calm your nerves + ease tension in the body

The next time you think about rolling up your mat and bailing before Savasana, perhaps you’ll think about just how beneficial those five minutes of rest are to your body, your mind, and your general wellbeing. Savasana can definitely be one of the most challenging postures to master – many people find it difficult to lay there on the mat, be still and let your thoughts go. Perhaps you might want to think about the WHY of this…
why aren’t you able to simply lay there with yourself, in yourself, and just be? 

Finding peace, self-love & contentment from deep within are some pretty incredible, empowering feelings. My yoga practice has no doubt helped me find all of these feelings and more — this also includes the Asana of Savasana 😉 xx

so much love,

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