Food & Fitness // 1.3.15 – 1.10.15

Hey Hey loves! Happy Monday! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Happy to be sharing the first F&F post of 2016 with you all! Regular readers know that I avoid gluten & dairy (except for goat) & drink minimally and well, that definitely was not the case throughout the holidays…which left me feeling all kindsa puffy & gross! So! Needless to say, I couldn’t have been happier to get back to my normal super health-nut habits and after just one week I’m feeling pretty awesome again and most importantly, (to me) my stomach doesn’t hurt and/or feel bloated! Ugh…I mean, is that not just the.worst.feeling.ever!?   

Along with my food, last weeks workouts were really awesome, as well! I got in a great mix of cardio, strength & more yoga then I’ve gotten in in one week (4x, wee!) in a really long time.  

60 minutes of super hot & sweaty, glorious yoga @ Yoga One

30 minutes of Leg Work & Sprint Work on the indoor track at my gym
ABS: Decline Sit Ups + Oblique Crunches on Hyperextension Bench

60 minutes yoga @ Laughing Buddha

25 minutes (2 miles) on PRECORE AMT
tight grip, overhand pulldowns
tricep push downs
upright rows
cable flys

60 minutes hot yoga @ Charlotte Yoga

20 minutes treadmill. power walk @ 4.1 / Incline: 12-15
20 minutes Precore AMT
5 minutes rowing machine

about 10 mile bike ride all over CLT

Adam & I doubled at Arrichion for nearly 2 hours of seriously sweaty, amazing yoga!
We took Krystallos & Diamond

I made it a point to get back to food prep & planning, as well as alternate higher carb days (basically oatmeal & sweet potatoes) with no carb days based on my workouts last week which left me feeling really energetic + I felt a big difference in my recovery time. 

Breakfast was a big mix of oats & brekkie bowls…

goat yogurt + fruit 

Organic PB & Banana Oatmeal 

Oatmeal + Banana + Flaxseed + Dates 

Goat Yogurt + Banana + Pomegranate Seeds +
Almond Butter + Flaxseed & Super seeds Mix + Dates

Lunch was super repetitive all week — I picked up & made a package of boneless, skinless, organic chicken tenders (I think there’s like 8 in a package) from Trader Joes to have ready to grab & go for lunch during work everyday. I also sautéed up a whole head of red cabbage + steamed a giant bag of kale to have greens & veggies, too! 

Lunch looked like this about 4x last week + leftover veggie sauté a couple times. There were definitely a few protein shakes/green smoothies in the mix, late afternoon/post workout to hold me over until dinner…

Dinner was clean & super simple. No wine Sunday-Wednesday night (which I totally made up for over the weekend, haha) Loads of salads, chicken, we had some salmon burgers from our fave, Clean Catch one night and kept it totally vegetarian a couple nights.. one night with a giant veggie sauté + our first stab at an Eggplant soup. 

Hoping everyone’s year is off to an amazing, healthy & happy start! Just a few gentle thoughts & reminders on achieving goals, finding balance & remembering to not be too hard on yourself….

– If your just starting out on your personal health & fitness journey, my advise is to always start with baby steps. Weight gain & a decreased level of fitness didn’t happen overnight & unfortunately, getting back in shape won’t happen over night either…
– Be patient, be kind to yourself, think positive, self-loving thoughts & celebrate small victories!
– Small, consistent changes add up to create big, impactful, long-lasting healthful habits.
– FIND BALANCE — with food & fitness. Mix harder workouts with gentler ones. Eat clean, wholesome foods the majority of the time but also allow yourself to indulge (in moderation).

Much Love, Health & Happiness,

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