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Celine,Chamomile&iPadHello Loves. Happy Friday evening! Hope you had a beautiful day and week! It’s hard not to with this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having… weather for the soul, for sure! I am so happy to just chill out, relax and catch up with you all tonight. I’m curled up here at Rush Espresso (my favorite local coffee shop) with some chamomile tea. I’ve had a super busy week of work and fun extras which left me no time to post so now to catch you up on what I’ve been up to!

Wednesday started off with my weekly chiro appointment. Another awesome session with Dr. Brad over at Carolina’s Sports Clinic where he did the usual techniques of ART (Active Release Therapy) to loosen up my soft tissue, a very minor & gentle adjustment and topped me off with the always magical acupuncture & dry needling which left me feeling totally zonked out and wishing I could just take a little nap. Annnnd then to quickly snap out of it and get to my 930 traing sesh, trained clients til about 3. Grabbed a quick Almond Milk Latte — at Rush, of course. They are the only place around that carries almond milk…they score some major brownie points for this!! And finally, off to the gym to get my workout in — yessss!

Workout:Decline Med Ball Sit Ups

– 2 minute Sprints/2 min fast walk (40 minutes)
– Decline Abs with 8lb Med. Ball (20 reps/2 sets)
– 15 minutes on The Beast aka Stair Master
– 10 minutes of stretching & Foam Rolling



After my workout I ran home to quickly get ready for my dear friends Grand Opening Party of their new restaurant – Baku! If you live in Charlotte and haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend popping in for some savory food, cocktails and enjoy the uber cool, Asian themed atmosphere. You’ll feel as if you’ve left Charlotte and stepped into an NYC Hot Spot. Downstairs is the main restaurant and upstairs is more of a lounge.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the food from the party – I just love the presentation!

From left to right: Scallops & Grilled Asparagus. Plate of sushi wrapped in Forbidden Rice, Sashimi & Grilled Hot Peppers. Melt in your mouth chocolate truffles – OMG.

Scallops & AsparagusDSC_0025Chocolate Truffles






Ughh! Paying for Wednesday night…Thursday morning came entirely too soon… Up at 530am. Combo of having a lot on my mind and one too many glasses of prosecco. I never sleep well when I drink. I don’t drink THAT often so literally, just a couple drinks has me feeling tired & sluggish the next day. Pitiful, I know. haha The day flew by with client sessions til 2, a Skype call at 3 and a super exciting meeting at 5! Needless to say, no time for a workout today which was a blessing in disguise. Between feeling slightly hung over and having tree trunks for legs from my last 2 days of workouts (boxing Tuesday & Sprint Intervals yesterday) a rest day turned out to be a very good thing. 🙂 Finally, the day was over and met up with one of my best friends at D&D for some girl time and food. I had one glass of champagne and about 3 refills of hot water with lemon. Crazy night, whooo! I was starving and over tired and needed something to warm me up!

Here’s a look at some of my food from throughout the day:

Cacao Nibs OatmealBerry SmoothieCollard Greens & White Bean Soup





Brekkie: Oatmeal with Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon & Coconut Oil & a Berry Smoothie with mixed, frozen berries, banana, hemp protein and some others goodies.

Lunch: Collard Greens & White Bean Soup


D&D Arugala, Salmon & Goat Cheese Salad Rosemary Caramel Truffles





Dinner at D&D:  Arugala & Beet Salad w candied pecans, goat cheese & grilled Salmon. Some guy at the bar sent us over these to die for Rosemary Caramel Truffles. Evidently, he knows the chocolatier who makes these. They are out of Kansas City and it takes 3 days to make them! Talk about a Labor of Love. SO good.


And that brings us to today, Friday! I got an incredible nights sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and full of energy. I had a light day of training sessions and finished my day with my favorite workout ever, Boxing! My trainer has been pushing me so hard and my speed has really picked up over the last month! I’ll be posting a new video of some of today’s session on my FB page for you to check out!

Friday Fuel:

Egg Whites & Sauteed PeppersGreen Smoothie





Brek: 3 Egg Whites w/ Sauteed Peppers & a Green Smoothie.

Quinoa, Apple, Mixed Nuts





Lunch/Pre Boxing Meal: Quinoa, Apple & Raw/Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Grilled Chicken & Kraut SalatAlo Awaken Drink Spirulina Powder






Early Dinner: Finished up with my boxing sesh and headed over to Earth Fare where I picked up a Grilled Chicken Breast (I always ask them to slice it for me) this Alo Awaken – Aloe Vera & Wheat Grass Juice — Yumm!!  And restocked on my Spirulina Powder. I’ve been out of it for about a week and finally picked up some more today – this is another staple in my green smoothies! I had some KrautSalat  w/ crumbled feta cheese along with my grilled chicken.

Wish you an amazing weekend! xx



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