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Hi loves. Wow, I seriously can’t believe Friday is here once again. I feel like it was just yesterday that I typed up last weeks TGIF post. This week absolutely flew for me. So many good & exciting things going on. Lots (and lots) of writing, workouts, yoga (3 practices this week!) time with friends and yummy clean eats. Hoping everyone has had a tremendous week full of health & fitness, love, laughs & happiness.

Fitness Recap:

– 45 minutes fasted cardio: 30 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes Precore AMT
– 30 minutes cardio: Treadmill + 1 Hour Hot Yoga
1 hour arm balance & inversion practice + 1 hour Hot Yoga
– Mainly worked on my supported headstand pike-ups and even more, so piking down from tripod headstand. My abs are still sore from this! The ultimate Ab workout!
– 60 minutes, Hot Yoga
– am: 60 minutes fasted cardio: 40 minutes Treadmill: 4.2/15% + sprinkled in a few incline jogs at 5.2/5% & 20 minutes StairMaster
– pm: 20 minutes, treadmill: 4.2/10% + Shoulder, Triceps & Chest Circuit

Clean Eats

Eggs & Avo

Thursday breakfast
3 eggs | 1/4 avo | strawberries

pineapple & Banana green smoothie

Rush Espresso - Tuna Salad

spent Thursday afternoon outside at Rush taking in the beautiful weather as I wrote this weeks article for ActivewearUSA. Sipping on one almond milk latte, this vanilla white tea & noshed on this yummy tuna salad. Perfect afternoon.

cut off & madewell muscle tee - LS

fruit bowl

Fruit Bowl as an early dinner/pre yoga snack. I ate way too much for dinner before class on Tues & Weds night which made for some not so happy twists & forward folds. Grabbed a bite to eat with friends après yoga.

open faced spinach & goat cheese omelette

I just can’t get enough of these open faced omelettes! So good.


chicken followed by…

Acai Superfoods Bowl -

this amazing Acai Bowl.

Excited to spend the weekend with my family to celebrate Mother’s Day with my parents, sister & her family. Especially my littles!! Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mommas! xx
so much love,

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