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Hello Hi & Happy Mid-Week!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend celebrating the special stud’s in your life! We had such a nice day at my sister’s house with the whole family together celebrating my dad & bro-in-law! 
Its been a while since I’ve done a F&F + LL post so I figured it was about time we do some catching up! 🙂

Has been super clean – making nearly every meal Something Lean x Something Green. I did an Instagram post mentioning how I’ve made it a point to add more lean protein to every meal throughout the day. This sounds kind of silly considering the fact that I know how important lean proteins are for you, especially for staying lean & burning fat/building muscle however, over the last several months, I had gotten into a terrible habit of not planning out actual meals and just shoving whatever in my mouth while I’m on the go. Everything I eat is healthy, just not necessarily something that comprises a “whole meal” – rather I eat random snacks like only an apple, ridiculous amounts of raw nuts & seeds (like its a problem) and probably some more fruit or raw veggies whenever. I had totally gotten away from preparing small meals to take with me to work. For the last 6 weeks I’ve been eating turkey like a champ + preparing extra chicken to keep and eat throughout the week. I love fruits, veggies, green smoothies, nut & seeds, SOO much that I could very easily be vegetarian & do eat a mainly plant based diet, although, I know that for ME, eating small amounts of protein, every 3-4 hours throughout the day makes such a difference in both my energy levels, recovery and my muscle tone – particularly, my abs. They have leaned out so much over the last month is amazing! Every BODY is different and always do what makes you look, feel & perform the best. This is just what works and makes me feel my best! 


– This Anti-Inflammatory Power Green Smoothie has been a staple in the mornings lately
– Pre-Workout Power Strawberry-Maca Smoothie
– This Massaged Kale Grape & Goat Cheese Salad made with the most beautiful Farmer’s Market Kale! #YUM
– Super Simple Summer Salad 

A few snaps of what food on-the-go has looked like. Greens and/or veggies with turkey, chicken or these super yum baby hamburgers I whip up! I definitely recommend spending the extra money on organic free range/grass feed meats. 

2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil + Almond Butter & Banana on Udi’s Gluten Free Millet-Chia Bread 

Goat Yogurt + Strawberries + Hemp Seeds + Chia Seeds + Raw Sunflower Seeds & Pepitas 

I’ve been eating a big bowl of oatmeal at least 1-2x per week 1) to help recover from my outdoor workouts 2) bc my body has been craving the carbs…

Goat Yogurt & Strawberries to hold me over until we met friends out for dinner. 

You can find my bottom parked at the counter at Luna’s about once a week lately. I’m obsessed with their match tea latte’s made with coconut milk. (I recently switched from Almond Milk to Coconut….life changer) and all their different salads.

Above was a day date with my babe..I didn’t eat all that on my own. haha

Has been all over the place with a really fun mix of outdoor workouts with my boyfriend + a few on my own. Some home workouts, increase in my running & trying to get in the yoga studio a minimum of 2x a week for that much needed balance between strength, cardio & stretching to keep the limbs loose. I gravitate towards working out indoors — the gym, yoga & pilates studio. My boyfriend is a runner & soccer player and loves to workout outdoors. He’s been encouraging me to get outside more, especially when it comes to running and let me tell you it really is so much harder and uses muscles that you just don’t use running on a treadmill. Its pretty awesome, challenging & incredibly effective and I highly recommend breaking out of your fitness box if your like me and always find yourself in the gym! I’ve also gotten into this day on/day off routine over the last month… Really pushing myself, feeling sore as poop the next day, resting, and then working out the day after. This has been feeling really good. 🙂

one of my fave juices from whole foods 🙂 drank this baby down after taking a client outside for a  fun outdoor sweat sesh 

Simply enjoying the summer and can’t believe how quickly we are moving thru the months! I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer so far eating lots of seasonal fruits & veggies, getting outside & enjoying the gorgeous summer weather + lots of laughs, love & happiness with great friends & family. My boyfriend & I are having a wonderful summer together with our friends & family & getting ready to head to Europe next week!!! eek! Its our first BIG trip together and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m taking him home to Austria to meet my dad’s side of the family and from there we will be jetting over to Mallorca, Spain! Weee 🙂

What’s everyone up to? Any trips planned!? xx

Much Love, 


  1. Elise
    June 25, 2015 / 7:54 am

    What kind of turkey deli meat do you buy? I’m always tempted to purchase it as it is a quick and convenient source of protein. However, I have read from many sources that deli meat is quite harmful for you.

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      June 25, 2015 / 12:46 pm

      HI Elise, I only get Organic Turkey from Whole Foods. Honestly, I’ve just started eating turkey again after several years because I’ve heard the same things – that deli meat is highly processed. I believe the brand I get at WF is Fresh Fields. If I don’t get it from WF, I don’t get it. I definitely see & taste a difference compared to if you got your turkey at say, Harris Teeter. Hope that helps!! xxLS

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