Food & Fitness + Life Lately: 11.30 – 12.8.14

Hello Hello, loves.
Finally a food & fitness + catching up on life in general post! Sorry its been so long since I’ve shared one of these…
These posts are always just a quick stop in to show what my week in movement looks like — which is still consisting of a whole lotta yoga + give a little clean eating inspiration.
Quick side note: I doubled up & took 2 classes for the first time in a really long time last Tuesday and just as I remembered, my second practice felt pretty amazing. When I first fell head over heels in love with yoga — I was like an addict going 6-7 days a week and 3-4 of those days were doubles, doing 3+ hours of yoga a day! Yikes!!
Looking back on my doubling days, I don’t recommend doing this, especially since all I do is (very) hot yoga. THAT much sweating makes it pretty tough to recover & regulate your body fluids even if your a pro at rehydrating.
Cross training is super important – every type of style of training works our bodies & muscles differently preventing both imbalances in the body & plateaus to keep seeing changes & results.

Sunday: 11.30
– 60 minutes – hot yoga
Monday: 12.1
– super busy day, was planning on yoga but it just didn’t happen and last day I had my babe in town before he left me for nearly the entire month.
Tuesday: 12.2
– AM: 75 minutes, hot yoga
– PM: 60 minutes, hot yoga
Wednesday: 12.3
– 60 minutes, hot yoga
Thursday: 12.4
– 60 minutes, boxing
Holy Soreness! First time boxing in several months & wow was I sore…felt amazing and hoping to box get in another session this week!
Friday: 12.5
– omg, so sore from boxing. If I coughed or laughed my ribs hurt! lol I love it 🙂
Saturday: 12.6 gym & cardio sesh
– tons of pilates core & booty exercises + balance & functional exercise
– 25 minutes/2+ miles of intervals on treadmill
Sunday: 12.7
60 minutes, hot yoga
Monday: 12.8
– 60 minutes, power pilates

Life update. I’m flying solo for nearly the whole month while my love is away in Alaska filming/working on a reality show. Our last night together was last Monday (12.1) and he flew out first thing Tuesday morning. As pitiful as it may sound, I’m a lost little pup without him by my side. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be madly in love with my BFF — we do everything together and not having him with me is not an easy adjustment. I’m staying busy doing everything I love and last week, this included catching up with all of my best girlfriends. Which leads me to say, sorry for the crappy iPhone food pics, but I try my best to snap a pic of nearly everything I eat to share with you all. And also to show that just because your eating out doesn’t mean you need to eat junk! I know the temptation is there, but trust me, you’ll be much happier & proud of yourself for making the healthy choices when you go to put those skinny jeans on! promise 😉

Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start! I’m excited for yoga + watching the VS Fashion show tonight with a few of my bests! I look forward to it every year! Who else loves to watch the show?! xx

for our last dinner together for nearly 3 weeks we made this yummy dinner…
roasted an organic baby chicken, root vegetables + a big salad with the prettiest, striped beet & a nice bottle of wine

leftover salad + 1/2 an avocado made for the best lunch the next day…

and in the world of eggs…

wednesday night après yoga at The Wine Shop at Foxcroft
Chicken Salad, shared roasted veggies with my gf & one glass of red wine. Mmmmm

Thursday night girls dinner at Baku — always a good time & good food
Tuna Tartare + Quail Egg + Caviar & Rice Crackers. A must
Ribs. finger licking good! haha
Kimchi. love it. so good & spicy
Chocolate Truffles + Raspberry Sauce. I eat one (maybe 2) every time I go.
Little chocolate-crack balls

burger, hold the bun.
Tons of sautéed onions (yumm) + a few jalapeños for a little kick

Cucumber Banana & Ginger Green Smoothie

pre workout snack..
small honey crisp apple + a few dried apricots + handful of raw, unsalted pecans & almonds

these salads never get old…
Baby Kale | Grilled Chicken Breast | 1/2 Avocado | Tomato |
Drsg: Avocado Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper

Sunday morning, pre yoga deliciousness…
I recommend eating with a baby spoon…get yourself a little taste of Almond Cocoa butter & chunk of banana and savor one bite of crack at a time! hahah

Sunday night, family dinner at Maggiano’s after taking my niece & nephew to see Santa.
This is becoming quite the tradition…we’ve done it for the last 4 years. The one time a year we eat at Magianno’s and we’ve been sat at the same table for the last 3 years.
I got these delish crab cakes without the fattening sauce. They were plenty flavorful all on their own.

Tis the season…
to start complaining about the cold & dreary weather. lol
Monday was just miserable and I was not a happy camper. Gave into the afternoon latte which I later regretted as it kept me up until 2am. poop It was worth it tho!

Thanks for stopping by! xx

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