Food, Fitness & Life Lately – 12.8 – 12.21

Hello Hello. Happy Monday loves. So its officially Winter…weee 🙁 and I woke up to Day 3 of cold & dreary winter weather here in CLT. Normally I’d probably be depressed by now (not really) but I’m happy as can be as it is Christmas week and my love is back home with me!
So, let get caught up, shall we!? 
As I mentioned in my last Food & Fitness post, I’ve been without my babe for nearly 3 weeks but he is back home as of yesterday morning and I am pretty much the happiest girl on earth at the moment. 🙂 
I’ve spent a ton of time with my family over the last 2+ weeks, getting ready for Christmas, cooking & baking with my mom and have enjoyed some really nice dinners with my parents — something I don’t do very often when my guy is home with me. 
Last week was a bit of a struggle for me due to a combination of things: 
1) Being away from A for almost 3 weeks was really starting to hit me hard and basically I was just being a big baby about it. 
2) More cold & dreary days than sunny, I can’t take many days in a row without sun without having it effect my disposition. As much as I try to talk myself out of it, I find myself feeling moody, unmotivated to workout & a little sad, even. Although the cold & nasty weather blues were trying to get the best of me, I worked out anyway and no lie…It lifted my spirits & made me feel better every single time. hint, hint 😉
3) My body is feeling out of whack and honestly I’m not sure what the fuck is going on. My boobs have been double the size + tender for weeks and I’m holding onto, what feels like, a few extra pounds around my stomach. I know what your thinking and No, I’m not pregnant!! LOL But its absolutely something hormonal going on in my body. I think that and the change of seasons + lack of Vitamin D. Hoping it all evens out soon so I can go back to feeling normal about my body & feeling good when I put on my clothes. I also love to self-diagnose myself with all kinds of issues and it could very well all just be in my head! LOL 

So workouts have looked like this….

Tuesday: 12.9.
– 60 minutes, hot yoga
Wednesday: 12.10.
Thursday: 12.11.

– 60 minutes, boxing sesh
Friday: 12.12.
75 minutes, hot yoga
Saturday: 12.13 / Gym Sesh
Mat Pilates Work: Core, Legs & Booty
Functional & Balance Training on the BOSU – squats, lunges, leg raises & such…
30 minutes, Treadmill – 5 minutes, walk – 25 minutes of 1 min sprint/1 min walk
Sunday: 12.14.
– 60 minutes, hot yoga
Monday: 12.15
– 60 minutes, Power Pilates
Tuesday: 12.16.
– 30 minutes, treadmill…
– 5 minute warm up (4.0 walk) / 2 min jog x 2 min walk for 25 minutes
Wednesday: 12.17.
– 60 minutes, hot yoga
Thursday: 12.18.
– 60 minutes, ass kicking boxing session
Friday: 12.19.
– 60 minutes – Power Pilates
– Quick 10 minutes on Precore AMT
Saturday: 12.20. / Gym Sesh
– 45 minutes, Precore AMT (Hills)
– 3 rounds, Tricep Pushdowns x Push Ups Superset
Sunday: 12.21.
Rest Day & spent all day with my love! 

And Food…
Lots of warm & cozy lunches to warm me up on these nasty weather days. 

Work was slow last week, which is pretty typical every year the week before Christmas so I took advantage of my free time, getting my holiday errands done, catching up with girlfriends over dinner and ate lots of lunches & dinner with my parents. 

left over pork tenderloin + arugula & tomato salad for Saturday’s apres workout eats

roasted turkey dinner + rustic smashed potatoes + asparagus & mixed salad
pretty traditional pre-christmas turkey dinner

Blueberry-Vanilla Bean Dream Smoothie
posted this super yum smoothie last Monday – so good!

3 egg whites + 1/2 Avocado 
I ate this 3x over the last 10 days 🙂

Goat Yogurt Fuit & Superfood Bowl 

The beginning of cold & dreary winter weather = Breakfast Bowl Season
Warm, cozy nourishing bowls of healthy, complex carbs, eggs & veggies

this was Albacore Tuna – basically really expensive canned tuna fish, but the grilling kind. We had an extra piece left over that got turned into a yummy tuna salad the next day! haha

I don’t eat it often, but when I do I seriously enjoy a good steak…

Spinach | Banana | Mixed Frozen Berries | Cinnamon | Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Milk 

Don’t miss out on this so-good Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Bread Apple Walnut Bread Pudding I whipped up last week!

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