Food Journal // 10.26 – 11.1.15

Hello loves!
I get loads of questions about how & what I eat, so, I’ve been keeping track of everything I’ve been eating over here over the last 7 days to share with you all in hopes that you find some clean eating inspiration from what I’ve taken note of here. Food Journaling, is a great way to keep track of everything passing thru that mouth, simply making you more mindful of what you are eating and perhaps what you should not be eating AND this can absolutely include not eating enough, but that’s for another post.  

As you’ll see below, my day to day is pretty repetitive as far as what I eat. With that being said, another question I get asked often is “don’t you get bored of eating salads, smoothies, etc”? A: No. I genuinely LOVE eating this way – it IS my lifestyle, it is not a diet. I don’t feel deprived. I freaking love salads. I love smoothies. I love my greens & veggies. I also eat seasonally, which is a wonderful way to beat the boredom and keep your plate & palate healthy & happy. On the flip side, I love red wine, french fries & dark chocolate. oh, yes. yes & yessss! 

Eating the foods below keeps me looking & feeling my best/healthiest/leanest/most energetic, which in turn makes me feel beautiful, sexy & confident in my skin & in my clothes. If your just tuning in or just don’t already know, I have sensitivites to gluten & dairy — keeping these foods out of my body make me and most importantly, my stomach feel better. I’ve gotten a much better hold over over my digestive issues over the last several years, but, I still continue to struggle with stomach problems here & there, especially during PMS when my hormones are all outta whack. (my hormones really throw my body for a loop) Speaking of….I just so happened to get my monthly visitor on Thursday afternoon. I wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor and cry, I had the worst cramps. My stomach was water for 2 days and then I didn’t poop for 2 days. (eek, TMI?? sorry) yeah so, putting all that out there…yes, my appetite fluctuates depending on what’s going on with my digestion or lack there of.

My healthy is not your healthy. What works for me may/may not work for you. I’m super in tune with my body and know how to keep this machine running her best & over the years, I have developed a balance that works for me. I hope you find my journal helpful/insightful and I’ll try to share these more often to show how what I eat from week to week changes, because yes, some weeks are better than others.. xx

much love, health & happiness,

Monday. 10.26
superfoods breakkie bowl – 2 tablespoons chia seeds soaked in almond mlk + 3 tablespoon goat yogurt, tablespoon organic PB, cinnamon
 hummus plus
hard boiled egg / apple / raw nuts & seeds
mixed greens salad with cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, chicken breast.
few sweet potato wedges & few bites of sautéed red cabbage. 
(I made 4 pieces of chicken to have for the week + roasted a bunch of sweet potato wedges & sautéed a little more than 1/2 head of red cabbage I had left in the fridge. I hate wasting food and everything needed to be made.)

Tuesday. 10.27
goat yogurt with banana + raspberries & pomegranate seeds
chicken breast + roasted sweet potato wedges
4 slices pork tenderloin / handful raw nuts / apple
arugala salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, nutritional yeast + sautéed red cabbage

Wednesday. 10.28
2 eggs srambled in teaspoon coconut oil + pinch of cayenne pepper
Green Smoothie: 2 handfuls spinach + frozen banana + maca powder + 1/2 cucumber / 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
chicken breast + sweet potato wedges
Medium Vegan Smoothie from Smoothie King. 
dinner with my parents / grilled red snapper, steamed asparagus & carrots with olive oil + sea salt & pepper
2 dark chocolate ghiradella squares / 1 glass of wine


Thursday. 10.29
Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Bowl
chicken breast + sweet potato wedges
green smoothie (same as wednesday)
KIND Bar (on the plane to RVA)
Dinner @ Rapahannack (RVA) / 
2 glasses of wine

Friday. 10.30
superfoods breakfast bowl: 3 tablespoon chia seeds soaked in almond milk + 3 tablespoons plain goat yogurt / toppings: tablespoon hemp seeds, tablespoon organic PB, 1/2 banana, 2 figs, dark chocolate covered coconut bits
Gala Apple + Organic PB
big salad at home / mixed greens + cucumbers & tomatoes + pepitas & tuna salad on top
Adam got home from filming, I had a cheese board ready for him + a salad. I nibbled on some goat brie + apple, a few bites of chicken salad & a couple pieces of Toblerone.
1 glass of wine.

Saturday: 10.31 (Happy Halloween!!!)
superfoods breakfast bowl (basically the same as above)
lunch @ union market (RVA) / salad with white beans, figs + I added some tuna salad on top
salads at home / mixed greens + cucumbers & tomatoes + pepitas + a sprinkling of hemp seeds + a tiny bit of leftover chicken salad on top / olive oil + black salt & cayenne pepper
glass of wine
9.30PM until…
bowl of amazing gumbo at the halloween party + some blue corn chips with guacamole. a bite of a chocolate chip cookie + one mini pack of m&m’s


Sunday. 11.1 (Holy, How is it November!?!?) 
Smashed Banana Chia Porridge + Organic PB (I had some fun with my chia seeds on Sunday morning…stay tuned! )
Lunch @ Burger Bach (RVA) / Adam and split a grass-fed lamb burger (no bun) with goat cheese, sautéed onions & mushrooms & a side of french fries
Apple + Organic PB
2 bowls homemade chicken soup (no noodles) + salad
2 glasses of wine & a little bit of dark chocolate with ginger


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