Fresh Berries Nut & Dates Breakfast Bowl

Hello Lovelies! 
Sharing this scrumptious breakfast bowl loaded with 3 of my all-time healthy favorites – fresh strawberries & blueberries + raw walnuts & dates! YUMMMM! 

This so-simple brek bowl is packed with so much healthy goodness – antioxidants, fiber, vitamins & minerals, natural sugars + healthy fats – to nourish your body, hair & skin + give you tons of energy to help you power thru your morning! Fresh, organic berries are a constant in my fridge – low in sugar, high in beauty boosting antioxidants – I’m forever poppin’ berries as a lite & healthy snack. Dates are full of fiber to help keep you full + make for happy, healthy digestion. Additionally, they are loaded with vitamins & minerals like potassium, magnesium, selenium, iron, calcium, Vitamins A & K. Last but not least, walnuts provide those heart healthy, anti-inflammatory, good-for-you fats that help keep you satiated.  The natural sweetness from the berries & dates does wonders for craving my sweet tooth + I love the crunchy, creaminess from the walnuts.

What’s In My Bowl: 
– 5 organic strawberries. sliced 
– 1/2 cup organic, blueberries
– 3 organic dates. pitted & cut in half
– 1/4 cup raw, organic walnuts

topped off with my fave spice, cinnamon, after I took the pics. 
Add splash of almond milk, or milk of your choice if you like! 

Much Love,

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