Goat Yogurt, Fruit & Superfood Bowl

I came home to make this bowl of yumminess after a workout a few days ago and mmm, was it good! I haven’t had goat yogurt in the house for a bit so I really enjoyed this bowl of goodness after not having one for a while! Containing a good amount of protein from the goat yogurt + healthy carbs & fats from your combination of fruits, chia seeds & walnuts, this bowl of goodness is a fantastic way to refuel your body after a workout. 

I came home from  my workout super hungry so I went with a full cup of goat yogurt, sliced up 1 super ripe & sweet banana, raspberries, raw walnuts & topped this bowl off with a dusting of chia seeds & cinnamon. Nums.

So, goat yogurt. Have you tried it!? I LOVE it! After figuring out I have a dairy sensitivity, (not full blown allergy) several years ago, I stopped eating Greek Yogurt, amongst other dairy products, but that left me missing my yummy bowls of fruit & yogurt. I tried goat yogurt a couple years ago and have been eating it ever since! I promise it doesn’t taste funky or goaty — especially when you mix with the natural sweetness of fruit! 

A few goat yogurt & goat milk health tidbits for you to nibble on:
Goat yogurt & milk products contain smaller fat particles. This makes goat products more easily digestible compared to cows milk & yogurt.
Goat Yogurt & Goat Milk products contain less lactose (milk sugar) than Cow products. Making it easier for your stomach to digest & break down because you require less of the enzyme, Lactase, which is needed to break down lactose in the stomach.
Goat Yogurt & Milk is less allergenic. Casein protein, Alpha s1 Casein in particular, is the the culprit causing milk allergies which is found in high levels in Cows Milk. Goat products contain 89% less Alpha s1 Casein than cow products which is why people with dairy allergies can most likely eat/drink goat products with no issues. 
Goat Yogurt is naturally homogenized. If you were to place a glass of fresh cows milk & fresh goats milk right next to each other and left to sit over night, you’d wake up to find that the cows milk would have separated into 2 layers: 
Top: Cream
Bottom: Skim Milk
Because of this separation, cows milk is homogenized (a man-made process) to reduce the size of fat particles & eliminate the separation that occurs, naturally in the milk. The awesome thing about goat yogurt & milk is naturally homogenized, requiring none of that man-made funny business. Something we could use less of in our food industry these days! 

Additionally, I’m pretty obsessed with all goat products. If you are a cheese lover like me, there are some really fantastic goat cheeses (hard & soft) to be enjoyed. I love adding goat cheese to my salads & there’s nothing like an apple + goat cheese & a glass of red wine. 
My boyfriend and I make this amazing baked Goat Brie, topped off with fig preserves & either raw walnuts or pecans. So good! 

Also, check out my post on this delicious Fig & Honey Spreadable Goat Cheese from Goat Lady Dairy.

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