Good Eats.

Hello loves!! Hoping everyone is having a wonderful week! Quick pop in to share a few notable eats throughout the week. Enjoy some yummy smoothie & salad inspiration & thanks for stopping’ in! xx Much Love,


Clean Eats

Green Smoothie - clean eating

organic girl power greens | 2 frozen bananas | cinnamon | ground flaxseed | juice of 1 lemon | parsley | splash almond milk + water + ice

Omelette & Salad

potato & shrimp omelette (left over from a sunday get together) with side salad of arugala, grape tomatoes, fresh salsa, parsley with avo oil drizzled on top. left over veggies are just the best for throwing into an omelette the next morning!

mixed greens, beet salad

Massive mixed greens salad with tomatoes, onions, and loads of beets!! Mmmm. Broccoli & 2 Hard Boiled Eggs. I’ve been eating pretty vegetarian this week and its feeling really good energetically & digestively speaking. Beets are a fave of mine for glowing skin from the inside out.

eggs + arugala salad

arugala | asparagus | tomatoes | parsley | carrots
Drsg: Avo Oil + ACV + Dash of Cayenne Pepper This was my post workout meal on Wednesday. The perfect combo of protein from the eggs + alkaline greens.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

A Berry Berry Delicious Smoothie!!
2 frozen bananas | organic frozen blueberries | 2 TBSN chia seeds | 1 TSPN acai powder | Gogi’s Berries | Cinnamon | Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Topped off with a few more blueberries & goji’s. Y U M! Loaded with antioxidants this is a beautifying, anti-aging smoothie, for sure! #eatforbeauty

King Flip & Grilled Zucchini

Grilled King Clip + Grilled Zucchini 
No pic, but I ate a huge salad along with this. King Clip is a becoming one of my fave fishes to eat. Just recently discovered this in the last few months – white, flaky fish & not “fishy” at all. So good.

Mellow Mushroom - Greek Salad

Greek Salad from Mellow Mushroom while filming on Tuesday night I’m definitely somewhat of a salad snob! haha I always worry about ordering salads from a pizza joint but this was SO good & Super fresh! Sometimes, there’s just something about good ‘ol Iceberg Lettuce – crisp & crunchy – I love it! A soy latte  to get me thru a long night of filming. Not home until after 11pm & couldn’t fall asleep until 130. Needless to say, Tuesday was a long day. Side Note: Soy latte from Sbux since Rush was already closed. 🙁 I think you guys all know by now that I am an almond milk lover but I will occasionally drink soy when I can’t get my hands on my beloved Almond Milk.

Arugala Health Benefits

Taking a moment to talk about my current obsession with arugala! I’ve always known this was an oh-so-good for you green, but I recently read up & learned a few more nutritional facts on this super green: – fibrous & cruciferous for a happy, healthy tummy – contains chlorophyll to prevent DNA damage – calcium + Vitamin K – anti-inflammatory – packed full of B Vitamins – helps to lower cholesterol – blood purifier & detoxifier 

There are just so many amazing, nutrient dense foods out there!! I go thru phases with certain foods as its impossible to get everything in all. the. time. I’ll be making a point to keep this rock star green in my life on the reg!

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