Good to be Home…

Hi Hi! Hoping everyone had a wonderful Monday. 
Quickly stopping in to say, I’m Home! Lots of catching up to do as its been forever since I’ve blogged…Yikes! Kind of a crazy feeling to have been so detached for the last couple weeks but at the same time a rejuvenating & enjoyable feeling to not be attached & disconnect from the world a bit. 

Jet lag is starting to kick in as I’m still on Austria time, 6 hours ahead… but I’m off to take a much needed hot yoga class. Ridiculous amount of photos to sort thru and share with you all so be sure to stop in over the next week as I’ll be posting plenty to share my love of Austria and all its beauty. 

Wishing you a restful Monday night, xx

this beautiful mountain behind me, which is named Hundskopf (literal translation = Dog Head) can be seen from pretty much anywhere in town

overlooking the town of Wattens

I just couldn’t resist climbing on top of these bales of hay to do a little yoga pose with the incredible Alps behind me. 

selfie x one helluva view
Just one of the amazing views on one of my many hikes throughout the trip

One of the most quaint & beautiful towns in Austria. Spent 2 days here visiting my Aunt. 

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