Half Moon Bay, Antigua

Antigua, was our second to last stop as we cruised the Caribbean for 10 sun & fun-filled days! We docked about 8am on Sunday morning and had until 530pm to get back on the ship (otherwise they will leave you!) for our 6pm sail away. We disembarked the ship, walked through the town a bit and had a gazillion options for a taxi driver! We decided to go with Hillary, the sweetest lady who turned out to be one hell of a tour guide – she knew so much & was so proud of Antigua! 
Adam & I decided it would be fun to spend the day with my sister & brother (in law). After some Googling the night before and talking with Hilary about the best beaches on the Island, the 4 of us decided to head to Half Moon Bay, which was about a 45 minute taxi ride from the port. Our taxi ride was $100 ($25 per person) round trip. 

Half Moon Bay is uncrowded & quiet (the reason why we chose it) and absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad we decided to take the drive here! At first, I didn’t want to spend 1.5 hours in the car – but it really was so worth it! We hopped out of our taxi, grabbed our things & walked the beach until we nearly ran out of shore – this is where we noticed the waves crashing against the rocks & that we could go around the corner to explore the rocky bluff! So fun!  

We climbed the rocks & snapped some photos in this watercolor tunic from Anthropologie – you guys, the wind was SO wild on the rocks! We were playing around with how close we could get to the waves without me getting knocked over, and water splashing all over Adam & the camera. My hair is a hot, tangled, salty mess and I don’t care one bit! 
 Afterwards, Adam & my Bro (in law) did some snorkeling while me & my sister sunbathed, which turned into an afternoon siesta in the sand. Not too much longer after we got up, the boys were back and my sister & I jumped into the water to cool off and to do a little snorkeling ourselves. 

Basically, It was a perfect beach day!
If you find yourself in Antigua, I highly recommend scooting over to Half Moon Bay – you’ll love it! Thanks so much for stopping in! xx

Much Love, 

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