Handstand Prep

Catching up on Day 12 & 13 for the April #yogatothecore Challenge.
Both days have been kind of similar in prepping for handstand, which is the final pose of the month. Handstands are all about core strength – you need to have a strong & stable center to support yourself in handstand.

Titibasana Prep - Core Strength - Yoga

Titibasana/Handstand Core Prep (not the prettiest of postures) ha


Navasana - Yoga - Lauren Schwaiger

A little redundant, yet essential. If you remember from the first week of this challenge, we already worked on Navasana but you can never do enough of this pose when it comes to building core strength.

Handstand Prep - Yoga - Lauren Schwaiger

foolin’ around kicking up into handstand, laughing and being silly  in Titibasana prep because this pose is just so not cute. There’s really no good angle shoot this. lol

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