Happy Heart Day

Happy day of luuuuv!
Wishing you all a beautiful day of love & happiness. This is a day to celebrate LOVE — all kinds of love. Love for your family, your friends, hubby, wifey, BF/GF — any one who is special & important to you in your life. But most importantly, celebrate love for yourself. I know there’s people (eh hmmm, single people) out there who are all “anti Valentine’s Day” and well, to me, that’s just silliness. I am single as they come and couldn’t be happier. Do something to relax, something that makes your heart happy. Read a book, indulge in a great glass of wine, get a massage, watch a movie, anything. Just do me a favor and don’t go feeling all sorry for yourself over a box of heart shaped chocolates. Moi?? I’m enjoying this sweet holiday with my family — we are celebrating both today and more importantly, my sweet niece’s 5th birthday!

A few moments from my day so far.. So much love, xo LS

Happy Valentine's Day - LS



Chocolate Covered Strawberries


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