Happy March & C’mon Spring!!!

Happy Sunday & Happy March, loves! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. 
Waking up to freezing-rain this morning, its been another frigid, miserably grey & rainy day here in Charlotte. Shoot me. 
As much as I loathe this winter weather, I am digging deep, staying positive and setting my sights on Springs’ arrival in less than 3 weeks — Eeeeeks!!! 
As of last week, I’m in a full on Spring-State-of-Mind! What does this mean!?

– Cardio: I’ve been a bit of a slacker in the cardio department throughout the winter but with warmer weather just around the corner, cardio is a big part of getting back to my PR. Everybody is different, but for me, cardio is key! I’m always at my leanest when I’m on top of my cardio game! 
– Weights. As much as I love yoga, strength training is a must for a tight, toned & sexy body! I hope by now we all know that lifting weights absolutely does NOT make you big or bulky. Its actually the complete opposite! I’m swapping out 1 yoga class for an extra gym sesh in my week!
I must say, Cross Training, tho, is fabulous! I always feel my best when I get in a little bit of everything I love throughout the week – cardio, pilates, strength training & yoga — this makes me feel healthy, strong & sexy, working my body in a well balanced manner, without over-training. 
– Lean Eating. Naturally, as the weather begins to warm up my cravings for cooking up giant pots of cozy, comforting roasted potatoes or lentil soup, will effortlessly shift to loads of greens smoothies, fruits & veggies & lean proteins. I basically always eat clean and there’s nothing wrong with a naturally roasted potato, or other healthy, complex carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa or lentils, however, when its time to really lean out I just don’t eat these carb heavy foods very much at all. 

How about you? Are you as excited for Spring as I am!? What are you doing to get that body in Spring Shape!? Stay strong, motivated and committed to your goals. Visualize where you want to be and what you’d like to be wearing — short shorts, tank tops, skirts, beautiful, flowy dresses, crop tops, the elusive bikini!!! — one month (2 months, 3 months) from now. The reward, feeling SO beautiful, strong, sexy & confident about yourself, is so worth the hard work. YOU CAN DO IT!! xx

So much love, 

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