Happy Spring!

Hello & finally, finally I get to wish you all a very happy first day of Spring. Ahh :))We actually had a beautiful, sunny day here in CLT and the temp reached 70 degrees — that’s more like it! I was starting to wonder if the sun was ever going to shine on us again. Well, that’s a bit dramatic..isn’t it? ha

Hello Spring

I’m just simply enjoying life over here and taking advantage of this stupid slow week of work I’m having…its Spring Break which means lots of clients out of town traveling with the kiddos. I’ve been enjoying extra time to myself, indulged in an 80 minute massage Tuesday evening, dinner last night with one of my best friends at one of my top spots – Baku. Tonight was sweet time with the family. My little nephew had a play/musical at school this evening. Super precious – the theme was HATS! In my opinion, way better than last years Barnyard “Moosical”

In the world of Food & Fitness…

I made yesterday a cleansing day – pretty much just smoothies + a delicious juice at Earth Fare. I love to do this at least once a week, and yesterday was the perfect day for it this week –  post massage + no workout. I definitely would not & could not do this on a day where I am training hard. I got in an awesome circuit workout this afternoon + got my vid to go along with tomorrows 100 Rep Circuit workout! yayyye 🙂

Green Smoothie

Weds Brek was a simple Green Smoothie + Eggs, that I ate in the car on the way to my clients office. 2:1, Egg Whites/Whole Egg. Something different – cooked my eggies in Avocado Oil vs Coconut Oil. Yum Real fancy pants on a paper towel 🙂


Beet, Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice

beet | apple | carrot | ginger | parsley

Vanilla Protein Smoothie

ok, so this smoothie looks so odd in color but It honestly tasted so good.
Vanilla Protein | Acai Powder | Goji Berries | Banana

Le Stripes - LS Style

Le Stripes! Fun, French vibes for dinner at Baku last night…

le stripes - LS Style

Strawberries & Pineapple

Coffee & fruit to start the day… I was up at 530ish this am to get to a 7am meeting

Oatmeal & Chia Seeds

Second breakfast…
Oatmeal + Chia Seeds | 3 Eggs Whites (cooked in Avocado Oil)

3 egg whites

clean snacks

Apple + Home Made Trail Mix
Pre Workout

Chia Seeds + Fruit

Really random post workout eats today….some days I open up the fridge and just stare inside and wind up eating the most random shit. Clearly I have no issues throwing together THE most random foods….clearly. I sometimes get really crazy cravings for both sweet & salty foods right after a hard workout. Strange LS-isms. lol So the following took care of those…
Strawberries & Pineapple | 2 Tbsn Chia Seeds | Coconut Milk | Pepitas
I know what your thinking…WTH is she eating?? Again, I swear this tastes good. (really)

Lentil Chips

Cracked Pepper Lentil Chips
one of my fave gluten free snacks

gabriel musical


this musical was so adorable.
What a difference just one year makes in the development of kids – these kids put on a fantastic performance this year.
my little guy in the middle

family love

family love


love love love My niece’s hand-on-hip-action is outta control – total poser.
She may or may not have learned from her Aunt 🙂

131 Main Salmon

Dinner at 131 Main after the nights entertainment!
Cedar Plank Salmon & Broccoli | Side Salad

That sums up the last couple days. Its late and time to catch some zzz’s

much love,


  1. Amy
    March 21, 2014 / 7:25 pm

    I know you have probably posted this a million times, but what kind of protein powder do you use? I just ran out and want to try something new.Have also been really wanting to try Baku. Glad to hear you love it.
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      March 22, 2014 / 2:18 am

      Hey girl!I switch protein powders kind of often. Recently found a new kinda that I’m totally loving — its called Phood from Plant Fusion. I’ve used the original Plant Fusion protein in the past and they recently came out with this particular one. It literally is like a protein powder + supplement all in one. Loaded with probiotics, fiber and vitamins. If you go to Earth Fare they sell them by single serving packets if you’d like to try it out before investing in an entire tub of it.
      I LOVE Baku!! Food is so good. AND still healthy. Win/Win, no doubt.
      Have a great weekend!

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