Happy Name Day

Hiya loves! Hope everyone had a fabulous Thursday. Actually, what I want to write is, hope you had a fabulous Monday — I’m allll messed up after being off of work for the last 2 days. Today was an easy peasy day of work, exchanged a few things at South Park and finally, finally got a yoga practice in this afternoon. Between travel, being busy in general + getting horribly sick with a sinus infection last week, I believe today’s practice was the first in nearly 3 weeks. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to be on my mat, moving & sweating in the hot yoga studio. I have a few days to go on my antibiotics and still feeling somewhat puny so I didn’t push too hard in class. In addition to yoga, I got in a quick 30 minutes of incline walking between sessions this morning. I should be back to running intervals by the weekend! (thank God)

Still doing a bit of celebrating, today is my “Name Day”. This is a European, Catholic tradition that my family and I celebrate every year. My middle name, Stefanie, after my Austrian Great Grandmother, which comes from the Saint Stefanie (or Stephanie in the US). Any way, just a fun little fact of the day to share with you all. Maybe you have a Name Day and didn’t even know it?! 😉

Still working on getting back on track with my regular, clean eating and NO sweets. Once sugar is in my system, my cravings are pretty ridiculous. Resist I must!!

Day started with the same green smoothie I had on Christmas Eve morning..

Kale Green Smoothie

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Late afternoon pit stop at Earth Fare.
Quinoa Tabbouleh + Suja Carrot Juice about an hour before yoga.

Red Cabbage + Roasted Carrots

Dinner was Christmas Day leftovers.
Braised Red Cabbage + Roasted Carrots.

Rice Ball + Meatballs

uhmmm, so this doesn’t exactly qualify as clean eats, but I just couldn’t help myself!! This leftover rice ball & baby meatballs were calling my name. So yumm!

Might have overdone it on the fibrous foods today, feeling a tad bit…lets just called it “puffy” from cabbage + quinoa. I also had a small amount of cabbage this afternoon in between clients. Whoops.

Enjoy your evening!

Much love,


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