Happy to be home + a glimpse at Mallorca

G’Morning & Happy Sunday! I am back from our incredible travels to Austria & Mallorca and I couldn’t possibly be feeling more happy, inspired, sun-kissed & thankful for such an amazing memory-making holiday with my love. Feeling a bit of culture shock being back in CLT, its just.so.different… kind of crazy — but happy to be home, of course.

We’ve been up since 630am, (1230pm to our current body clock) and enjoying a long morning of coffee, green smoothies (oh my gosh, I missed my green smoothies! lol) unpacking & laundry & just catching up on life after being away for 2 weeks. I’m so looking forward to getting on my mat later this morning for some much needed yoga.

Sharing a little peek at our Mallorcan travels…

Austria was all shades of green + mountains, while Mallorca was full of some of the most breathtaking beaches & shades of blue waters I’ve ever seen!!

If you missed my Austria post while I was away, you can check that out here, if you like! There’s no telling how many hundreds of photos we took so lots of sorting & editing to do but I cannot wait to share all the beauty with you all! xx

So Much Love,


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