Happy Weekend – CLT Bobcats, Bowling & Yoga

Happy Saturday, Happy November & Happy Weekend loves!Unseasonably warm & absolutely gorgeous day here in CLT. The leaves on all the trees have really started to turn the most beautiful shades of red, orange & golden yellow – gorgeous!

Friday Catch Up… Had a good day of work and pushed thru nearly an hour long cardio sesh.


– Cycle Bike: 20 minutes: 1 minute sprint/1 minute recovery, both in and out of the seat
– Stair Master: 20 minutes: singles & doubles
– Precore AMT: 15 minutes

Thursday = rest day and I was just in the mood for cardio rather than lifting today. Also, my legs were still a bit tight from squats Monday & sprints Tuesday. Too add to this, I swear I was still struggling from too much prosecco & wine from my dinner Wednesday night — feeling tired & sluggish. So pitiful, right?!  I seriously can’t handle drinking anymore. Eh, actually, I can’t handle drinking wine. I’ve been having some really bizarre reactions to wine over the last year or so. Breaking out in sweats, mind becomes mush & feeling terrible awful the next morning/day. As much as I love & enjoy wine, it just doesn’t love me. The cleaner my diet has gotten the more I have noticed this reaction. However, I’ve been experimenting with different wines — old world, new world, California, French & Spanish wines and have noticed that I have zero reaction to French and Spanish wines because they are lower in sulfates. I have the absolute worst reaction to most CA wines. Hmmm… So strange. I’ll keep you guys posted on this. Has anyone else experienced some type of adverse reaction to wine??

LS Style

LS Style

Ran a few errands after the gym and then showered up and got ready to head to the Bobcats Home Opener. I love basketball season! Our boys played an awesome, close game and won, 90-84, against the Cleveland Cavaliers! Whoop Whoop!

After the game, our group decided to grab a drink which turned into a totally random night of bowling! We had the. most. fun. Total dance party in our ohh so sexy bowling shoes! Haha I just love nights like this. Home around 1230 so I wouldn’t be too sleepy for yoga in the am. Fun collage from the basketball game & bowling alley!


Button Down: EQUIPMENT
Jeans: J Brand
Booties: Coach
Handbag: Valentino Bowling
Shoes compliments of Strike City 😉

Typical Saturday morning.. up about 8am, coffee, packed my yoga bag and ate a banana in the car on my way to Y2. Fun & bright color combo this morning – coral & blue with this Anthropologie scarf – one of my faves! And I probably should have kept my sunglasses on for this pic – still lookin’ like a total sleepy head.. This infinity scarf is really fun to wear long to show off the pretty colors, print & beads.

LS Fitness Style

I know I always say this but yoga was amazing this morning. So hot, So good.  Kick ass sequence & music. I am so happy & thankful to have been practicing more in the last couple weeks. I practice anywhere from 1-4 times a week depending on my work/travel schedule.  To me, yoga is like a beautiful dance on your mat. If your not a yogi or you are newer to the practice, this may not resonate with you but what I always find myself telling people that yoga just kinda works its magic on you the more and more you come to your mat. Pretty amazing, really.

Whole Foods after class grabbed some food off the hot & cold bar & a Green Kombucha.

Whole Foods Salad

Whole Foods Veggies

Cold Bar: Mixed greens with goat cheese, quinoa, carrots, beets, artichokes & sunflower seeds. Hot Bar: Collard Greens, roasted butternut squash, tomatoes, squash, peppers & onions.

LS Red Lulu Top

Changed into my Lulu Ebb To Street Crops & red tank & scarf after class.

Camped out at Whole Foods for a while, scheduling clients for the week, answering emails and made a couple phone calls until it was time to head back to Y2 for a meeting about our super exciting studio expansion. Toured the new space (its going to be AMAZING) and then a staff meeting afterwards.

That’s all for me. Wish you a wonderful Saturday night!

Much Love,


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