Happy World Water Day

Happy Sunday & Happy World Water Day, loves!

Find extra gratitude today for this amazing life source that we are so lucky to have access to while over 1 billion people around the world lack access to clean, safe water. 😢💔 

Drink your water today & everyday to nourish & hydrate your beautiful body that does so much for you! I drink nearly a gallon of water on most days to keep my body happy, healthy & performing at its best! 

Drink up to: 
✧ boost metabolism & flush icky toxins out of your body
✧ help with muscle recovery & reduce inflammation in your joints 
✧ prevent dehydration 
✧ regulate body temp
✧ help you poop 
✧ prevent fatigue, sluggishness & headaches 
✧ get rid of bloating
✧ AND, be sure to your drinking your water out of  ➊ glass/glass container ➋ BPA FREE bottle

Much Love, 

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