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Hi loves! I’m excited to share Harvest Soul with you all today and put this delicious line of “chewable juices” on your radar!

If you’ve been following along for while, its pretty obvious that I’m a HUGE lover of juices & smoothies! However, my heart really does belong to smoothies/smoothie bowls rather than juices/juicing which is what you’ll find as your peruse my long list of posts dedicated to Smoothies here on Le Blog!
If your wondering about The Why behind this, let me explain….
As amazing as cold pressed juices are, there is one major nutritional element that they are lacking in – FIBER. I’m a big believer in providing your body with adequate fiber on a daily basis – it helps to keep you full longer, regulates digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, helps to lower cholesterol – which you just don’t get when drinking a cold pressed juice because the process strips the fruits & veggies of their fiber content. Of course, there are still many health benefits but depending on the juice (ingredients – fruit? veggies? sugar content?) without that highly beneficial fiber content, you can actually spike your blood sugar which has the opposite effect of what we are going for, yes? 

Smoothies on the other hand, are full of fiber, give you energy and keep your tummy full, longer! Personally, after I have a juice, I don’t feel satiated much at all and find myself reaching for something else to eat soon after. Don’t get me wrong, juices are wonderful in many ways, they are full of nutrients, taste delicious and I swear beet & carrot juice makes your skin absolutely GLOW from the inside out, but when it comes to the fiber department, they just don’t have it. 
Enter, Harvest Soul. This really is one of the reasons why I wanted to take the opportunity to try out this company’s awesome line of juices blends – they are all about some fiber, and as they like to call it – The Chewtrition™ Revolution!

It’s the art and science of blending 100% natural and organic vegetables and fruits with nutritious, chewable bits of seeds, nuts, and berries, to create a gazillion flavor combinations guaranteeing that no two chews are the same.

— The Chewtrition™ Revolution

Harvest Soul has 3 blends of juices to enjoy!
 – Probiotic Juices ($4.49) contain up to 2 billion CFUs of GanedenBC30, a highly effective and proven probiotic that keeps good and bad bacteria in proper balance for a healthy digestive function and immune system.
 Blended Juices ($3.99) are packed with superfood veggies & fruit, and retain a lot of the beneficial fiber needed to support a healthy lifestyle.
 Chewable Juices ($5.49) combine perfectly sized, easy-to-chew bits of nuts, seeds and berries, with healthy juices from nutritious leafy greens and anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies.

Another fun fact about Harvest Soul & why their juices are especially good for you, is thanks to the High Pressure Processing, or HPP, and it’s their HPP Fressurized™ difference! After they press, blend and mix all of the organic fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts into a delicious juice blend, extreme pressure is applied to the finished package, pressure strong enough to cut steel. It’s an environmentally friendly process, conducted at refrigerated temperatures, and it’s specifically designed to protect the high nutrient content of our blends, while destroying unhealthy bacteria and microorganisms.

Unlike conventional heat pasteurization, HPP provides more natural protection, maintaining that “farm-picked” flavor, without destroying the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs. No chemicals or preservatives are needed to extend shelf life, guarantee food safety and maintain freshness.

— Enjoy the HPP Fressurized™ difference – it’s cooler than heat.

I was lucky enough to taste test the entire line of Harvest Soul Juices and with the exception of the Veggie Beet Fusion (Chewable Juice), I can honestly tell you I loved every single one of them. Adam had a few of the juices & he loved them, too! Going back to that Veggie Beet Fusion, its not that the actual taste was bad, it was more of a texture/consistency thing – I can’t really put my finger on it, it just wasn’t the most pleasant to drink/chew. 

CHEWABLES. Green Fusion & Berry Banana Fusion. 
The Green Fusion was the perfect blend of green + sweet from the fruits. The Berry Banana Blend was so good!! I actually got a couple whole blueberries & could really taste the nuts & seeds in the juice – which I love, considering I eat nuts & seeds like a bird!! 
I honestly liked all of the blended juices but if I have to pick my favorite, it would be the Island Fruit Juice. Its packed with some of my loves like pineapple, papaya, & mint! So delicious! 
PROBIOTIC. I really enjoyed the probiotic blends and the nerd in me absolutely loved knowing that I was getting all those good-for-your-gut probiotics while sipping on such a delicious drink! Out of each Beet Blend, the Probiotic Beet Juice was my favorite!

If you’d like to try out one of the many delicious Harvest Soul Chewable Juice Blends, you can find them in many Whole Foods Market locations or purchase online thru the online store. If you notice above, the price point ($3.99 – $5.49) on Harvest Soul juices happen to be much lower than many other brands you’ll find sitting on the shelves, often starting at $8 and running up to $15 per bottle (!!) Harvest Soul juices are made with only the highest quality, organic fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds. With that being said I highly recommend trying out this excellent juice brand, give your amazing body a dose of super nutrition & fiber + save a few dollars at the same time! 

Thanks so much for stopping in & taking a moment to learn about Harvest Soul

Much Love,  

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