Health & Beauty Detox Salad

This beautiful chopped salad is full of leafy greens + water loving, cleansing foods + brightly colored veggies to nourish your body & feed your skin to give you that healthy glow from the inside out!
Each ingredient in this Detox Salad does its part to cleanse & hydrate your body + enrich your skin from deep within…

The appearance of your skin is a direct reflection of your whole body health, showing signs of what’s really going on inside, on the cellular level. When you start learning about the specific health & beauty benefits of foods, knowing how they go to work to make you a healthier, happier, glowing goddess — eating for beauty actually becomes quite addicting!! Many of my food choices are driven by their beauty boosting benefits & their ability to keep my skin healthy, youthful & vibrant. Eating a diet full of dark, leafy greens + colorful fruits & veggies = nurturing your skin with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to help you age gracefully.  

In Health. low in calories, high in fiber + loaded with Iron, Vitamin K, Calcium & Sulfer, which aiding in detox & digestion. 
And Beauty. packed with Vitamin A, essential for skin health & collagen production to keep your skin full & smooth. 

Celery & Cucumber.
In Health. anti-inflammatory & alkalizing working to keep your body’s pH levels in balance, high in magnesium which is good for your muscles & Vitamin K for bone health 
And Beauty. super high water content = natural diuretic to help debloat & flush out excess water & regulate body fluids. High in phytonutrients, specifically lignans, which are important for hormone regulation + healthy hair & skin. Cucumbers, are high in silica promoting thick, shiny, lustrous hair! 

Carrots + Yellow Pepper.
In Health.
low in cals, high water content & fiber to help fight constipation. packed with vitamins & nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron & Potassium 
And Beauty. full of antioxidants, carotenoids, lycopene & beta-carotene for bright, vibrant skin & good eye health.

Artichokes. (I’m obsessed with Artichokes!)
In Health. low in cals, low in fat, high in fiber, help to lower cholesterol + contain a natural digestive enzyme to help fight IBS & promote bile flow thru your body..
And Beauty. contain the antioxidant, Vitamin C + flavonoids & other phytonutrients to help fight free radical damage 

What you’ll need:
baby kale. 1 large handful, chopped
organic celery. 2 stalks. cleaned & chopped
organic carrots. 2. cleaned, peeled & chopped
organic yellow pepper. 1/2, chopped
– organic cucumber. washed, peeled, cut into fourths & chopped
– artichoke hearts. 3. cut into halves
– organic raw, unsalted sunflower seeds. 

organic avocado oil. 2 teaspoons
1/2 lemon. juiced
sea salt. pinch
cayenne pepper. dash 

so fancy! haha






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