Healthy Fig & Fruit Breakfast Bowl

Gettin’ figgy with my morning brekkie bowls ever since I so happily found Organic Frozen Figs at my local Trader Joe’s! 🙂 Ah, the little things that make me figs! lol 

Since these Figs are frozen, I simply pull out a couple a few minutes before I’d like to put together my Fruit & Yogurt Bowl, cut them into halves or fourths (depending on the size) and toss ’em on in my bowl along with any other deliciousness I’m using! 

What’s In My Bowl:
1 ripe banana
– unsweetened cococnut flakes
– cacao nibs, 1 tablespoon
– hemp seeds, 3 tablespoons
– 2 organic frozen figs
– layered on top 1 cup organic goat yogurt –

Grab your spoon & enjoy!! xx

Much Love, 

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