Healthy Smile Habits

Went in to see my super cool dentist, Dr. Garden & all of his lovely ladies working in the office for my 6 month cleaning/check-up yesterday. I must say I kinda look forward to my visit to Dr. Garden, as I’m pretty crazy about personal hygiene, my own and others. Call me weird, but 2 of the first things I notice on people are 1) their hands 2) their smile. 🙂 
Flashing a big, beautiful, healthy smile is no doubt our best accessory! Taking care of my pearly whites is high up on my list and it should be on yours, too! 

Pretty rudimentary stuff here, but make sure you are exercising good oral hygiene habits on reg, people! Kinda crazy, I know, but I’ve noticed that some people could still use this reminder….yikes! 

A few of my healthy smile habits: 

Brush. Floss. Rinse. I actually just made the switch to an electric toothbrush last year and WOW, have I been missing out all these years. 
On-The-Go. I carry a toothbrush & floss with me for those long days out of the house. Food sitting in your teeth for hours & hours? No bueno. 
Swish Swish. Don’t be afraid to swish some water in your mouth when your out & about drinking liquids like coffee, teas & wine. These kinds of beverages sit on your teeth and cause stains/yellowing. uhmm, no thanks. 
Wine Wipes. Yep. They really do exist. Unfortunately, some peoples teeth are just more susceptible to staining than others…if this happens to be you, then these adorable little wine wipes are for you!
Use a straw. Occasionally, I’ll drink my coffee thru a straw, but what I do use straws for very often is my lemon water. If you happen to be a health nut like myself and drink a lot of lemon water/warm water + lemon, using a straw really helps so your not getting all the acidity right up on your precious teeth!
♡ Last but definitely not least, make those dentist appointments & keep them! Luckily, I’ve been blessed with healthy teeth, but these visits are so important in case there is anything to worry about going on in your mouth. Better to catch it early rather than wind up with a massive bill later. 

If you happen to be looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend the fabulous Dr. Garden, DDS. Peeking into my chart and noticing my birthday in a few weeks, Dr. G pointed out that I’ve been seeing him for 10 years now. Pretty cool, right?!

Much Love, xx

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