Hello April, Hello Spring :)

Happy Tuesday everyone. Wow. I can’t believe April has arrived but man am I happy it has! Evidently Spring seriously missed its March 20th calendar mark this year. As I wrote yesterday, longest, coldest winter – ever. I talk about the weather a LOT, but this is because my mood is 100% ruled by the weather. Kinda crazy, but I know I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.Today was seriously gorgeous – I ran around ridiculously happy all day on a sun + warm weather high. If anyone were to observe me, they’d catch me smiling and singing to myself all day. yep. #happy

So I didn’t workout today, my legs have been super tight & sore so I gave it a rest and did a lot of stretching, foam rolling and the most peaceful, beautiful self practice outside this evening between clients. Just me, my mat and my breath in the soft evening sun – perfectly, perfect…if you ask me.

Tuesday Clean Eats

Lean & Green Brekkie that I posted about here

super simple afternoon smoothie
Strawberries | Banana | Vanilla Protein | Cinnamon | splash almond milk | water & ice

Yogi Tea – Green Tea Energy

aaand its been about a week or so since I’ve been to my fave spot, so I hit up Rush for a little midi latte & snack between sessions. Sooo, funny story for you guys… I’m sitting outside just enjoying the weather, my ipad & snack – minding my own business. I noticed a guy eyeballing me while I was inside ordering and well, before I know it he’s standing at my table outside. What a pickup line! “so what are you training for”?? uhmm…excuse me? He then proceeds to tell me that he “trains for dinner” (oh wow) Next…. “you workout at the Y, don’t you”? Yep, sure do. You get the point…hilarious. He’s training for dinner. I told him at the end of our conversation that I’m training for life. ha And no joke, not 10 minutes later another guy comes walking thru, stops and tells me “your too pretty to be eating alone” (oh lord) I’ll spare you the dialogue but he pretty much said “take my number so you don’t have to eat alone anymore.”

 perfect spot for evening yoga

I started a fun April Yoga Challenge that runs for the entire month. Everyday is a different pose based around building core strength. Each day I’ll be taking a picture – maybe a video, too –  and posting it to my insta and/or FB account with the #yogatothecore. My best friend and I are doing the challenge together!

Day 1: Navasana (Boat Pose)
This is a really fantastic core strengthener. Maintain a tall spine, lift thru the chest & belly pulls in tightly toward your spine. Engage thru your quads. Strong, straight arms reaching and sending energy thru your fingertips.

Head back. This may sound silly but when I first started practicing yoga, I had a serious fear of letting my head drop back in the slightest way. Now I lean that baby back no problem (well, almost) When you let your head drop back it opens up & exposes your 5th, Throat Chakra. This Chakra is associated with speech – think of how well you communicate, how you express yourself and your creativity. You may have issues with exposing this area if you: have a fear of public speaking, expressing your true self & feelings in many forms – speech, writing & movement.

Modified Boat Post 
Legs bent, lightly grabbing behind the knees – lightly. 😉 You still want your core to be working here.

Moving thru Boat to Canoe – this really ups the ante on your Boat Pose. One of my fave core exercises. Inhale to lower, exhale to lift up into boat.

If you want to join in this fun yoga challenge everything you need is right here! 🙂 Be use to use the hashtag #yogatothecore,  tag me @lauren_schwaiger AND the above accounts to be apart of this yoga challenge & community.

Much Love, 

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