Hello June.

Ah, so many “happy’s & hello’s” to be said and thankful for today… – Monday + New Week/Fresh Start – June – Summer is in the aiiiiir – Mid-year check in (whaaa!!?)

Hope you loves had a wonderful Monday and ready to take on a new week, a new month and!! the craziest part….can you believe we are already half way thru 2014!!? I swear each year goes by faster and faster. I remember someone telling me “Just wait, every year after 21 seems to fly by” and well, that statement has absolutely proven to be true.

So far, 2014 has been pretty incredible. I am beyond grateful for so many amazing positives in my life…

Friends & Fam
THE best friends & family a girl could ask for + the addition of some really awesome new peeps that spark growth, change & motivate me to do more & be more.

1) I am so lucky to be able to do what I love every. single. day. I know this sounds sooo cliché, but I literally don’t feel like  what I do is work. Of course I have days where I am stressed, tired or super busy but 9 days outta 10 my days are filled with all good things that make me so happy. I get to make people healthier & happier and improve their lives. My clients are awesome and not just “clients” but a part of my life.

2) Extremely grateful for new business & growth opportunities that have presented themselves to me at this point in the year and many more on the horizon. Some already in the works and who knows what other possibilities are out there in this great, big amazing world! ~ Nothing but happy vibes. Be open, positive & receptive to allow for good things to flow into your life.

3) laurenschwaiger.com wow! This little blog-that-could is soon approaching her 1st Birthday in September!! I am so happy I took the steps to start this creative venture. Aaaaand.. this is the perfect opportunity to let you guys know to be on the lookout for lots of new & exciting changes! If you follow me on the reg, you’ll probably notice two things… 1) I haven’t been posting quite as often as  I’ve been busy regrouping and honing in on the direction I want to move in. 2) my blog posts/content are changing as well.

Health & Fitness (happiness)
I continue to amaze myself and what my body is capable of. Hope you guys don’t take that the wrong way, as I mean it in the most humble & best way possible. Clearly, I am passionate about health & fitness and as every year passes I learn more, experiment with and apply to my life new methods of nourishing my body, mind, heart & soul through food & fitness. My wish is to inspire all of you to be your healthiest, best self and live a happy, beautiful life!

A few photos of good times from the year so far.. xx


my amazing parents – don’t know what I would do without them!

LS & momma

this woman….my twin, my best friend in life, my rock.

LS, niece & nephew

these guys. It really is incredible how kids touch your heart. Love being an Aunt!


golf tournament - friends

Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger - Acro Yoga

LS & Friends

positive mind. positive vibes. positive life.

As you reflect on the first half of your year, what are you thankful for AND what are you excited most about for part 2 of 2014!?

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