Hip & Hamstring Opening Stretch Sequence

Hello loves! Sharing one of my go-to stretch routines with you guys today. 
This is one of my absolute favorite stretching sequences that I move through at least 2, if not 3x a week. When I’m feeling tight and blocked from too much time on the treadmill and/or leg days, this short & sweet yoga sequence is my saving grace. 

I like to lift up, arms over head, palms pressing (side body stretch) and get a good full, front body stretch for about 5-8 breaths before I come into lizard lunge.
LIZARD LUNGE. 2 options with your hands: 1. frame your foot 2. both hands to the inside of your foot. There’s a push/pull going on here…push your hip down as your pulling your torso forward, lengthening into the hip flexor & psoas. 
DIAGONAL QUAD STRETCH. 2 options: 1. hand down/arm extended 2. drop down to forearm. Keep that push/pull action going. you’ll continue to stretch into the hip flexor but now your quad should really be talking to ya! 
HALF SPLITS. Fold over your front thigh with a long spine, flat back. Actively pull your hip down and back – opening up your hamstring, behind the knee and into your calf. 
FULL SPLITS. This is one of those poses that if you were in class with me, you’d hear me say “your version of full splits”. Blocks are super helpful here!
Get one, get two…whatever you need, and set them underneath your thigh, right in the middle of your hamstring and try to just be ok here. Its intense, I know! 

 this not only loosens & lengthens your muscles but gets into the soft tissues and releases tightness & toxins.

I don’t make into the yoga studio as much these days, so making time to get on my mat at home is so important to keep my muscles & soft tissues healthy & supple + prevent any injuries which allows me to continue to push myself in the gym. 

Remember to breathe deeply, move gently and try to find some ease & comfort in these not so comfortable poses. I may appear to be all flexy in this video, but I promise, my muscles & soft tissues are screaming (!!) at me. lol

Tight, locked up muscles are NO fun, you guys! This will only lead to injury + your body won’t be able to perform at its best! Don’t forget to stay hydrated (electrolytes, too) & use that foam roller to help recover from workouts faster! 

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! xx

Much Love, 


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