His & Hers Superfood Breakfast Parfait

G’Morning & Happy Tuesday!
After being out of town all weekend + a super busy Monday, I didn’t have a chance to get to the store to load up on my greens so His & Hers Parfaits it was for this morning’s super scrumptious brekkie! 

His & Hers Superfood Breakfast Parfait 

What I Used…
– Chia Seeds. 3 Tablespoons soaked in Unsweetend Vanilla AM –
– Trader Joe’s Organic Plain Goat Yogurt –
– Organic Strawberries –
– 1 Large Banana (1/2 in each) –
– Raw Pepitas –
– Cacao Nibs –
– Organic Frozen Blueberries –
– Cinnamon & Honey –

Presoak your chia seeds in a bit of AM, just enough to cover your seeds. give em a good stir & pop em in the fridge overnight. If you forget to soak the night before, 30 minutes or so works well, too!

Grab all your ingredients out of the fridge, slice your strawberries & banana and just start having fun layering all your yummy fruits & superfoods in your glass. 
I started with strawberries at the bottom + a bit of goat yogurt, then banana & pepitas + more goat yogurt.
Mine is topped off with frozen blueberries & cacao nibs & his is topped off with just a little extra dab of goat yogurt & more pepitas on top of his layer of blueberries, honey & cacao nibs because he really likes them! lol 
I don’t use honey on mine because this brek is plenty sweet all on its own with all the delicious fruit! 

I adore making these pretty little creations for me & my babe and he totally loves eating them! We love our mornings together, drinking coffee & listening to the news or music while I make us our healthy breakfast to kick off our day! Its such a simple little act of love that I enjoy doing & he appreciates!

Much Love,

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