How To Give Yourself A Face Massage

I just had to share this vid with all you beauties! Ahhh, a face massage. Just the heavenly thought of one brings a blissful smile to my face. Whenever I see my esthetician for a facial, a stimulating face massage is one part of my glorious pampering sesh. I walk out all glowy + firm, plump & naturally rosy cheeks. Ya know… “plump” isn’t usually a word that us ladies want to include in our vocab when referring to ourselves, but in regards to the face – this is a very. good. thing. 😉 I have totally attempted to give myself an at-home face massage before…trying to memorize and retrace the steps & patterns that my esthetician so delightfully traces along my face. uhmm, not even close. This video is super helpful and she shows a lot of the very same techniques that my amazing esthetician uses on me. Of course its more enjoyable to have this done while drifting away on a massage table & wrapped in a robe. But let’s face it, not all of us are able to indulge in these services on the reg. So….here ya go!
Enjoy. xx

The face is really having a moment. Just last year we finally learned how to properly clean it, it premiered its eponymous television show, and experts finally developed a specialized face yoga routine; in the past few months its wildly successful “book” has acquired WhatsApp and Oculus, and now? We usher in the Era Of The Facial Massage. Because on top of everything else, scientists recently realized our faces have been doing more than twice the emoting work as before—and thus deserve regular nice, relaxing rub-downs. We called on facial massage expert, Alexandra Soveral, to give us a tutorial on her calming, lifting, firming, draining, best-way-to-apply-face-oil daily massage technique.

via Video: How To Give Yourself A Face Massage | Into The Gloss.

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