Hummus Plus

Hello FitFriends! I am so excited to share a new & healthy, make-life-easy product with you all today – Hummus Plus!

Hummus Plus combines two of my favorite protein packed foods – hummus + chicken – for a clean & healthy, protein powered lunch or anytime snack that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime – making staying healthy on-the-go as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
As a personal trainer & health coach, the one thing I see many of clients struggle with is nutrition, and furthermore, meal planning. One of my favorite quotes… 

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

— Benjamin Franklin

When it comes to achieving your health & fitness goals, planning is a must if you want to be successful in establishing new & long-lasting, healthy habits. This is just one of the reason’s why I love Hummus Plus. If your not a big cook or struggle with meal prep, let Hummus Plus help!

Hummus Plus is conveniently packaged in two separate containers (hummus + chicken) and comes in 5 delicious flavor combinations:

– Traditional Hummus + Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
– Garlic Hummus + Garlic Herb Chicken Breast
– Roasted Red Pepper Hummus + BBQ Seasoned Chicken Breast
– Garlic Hummus + Chipotle Chicken Breast
– Sun-dried Tomato Hummus + Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast

Hummus Plus conveniently fits into the active, on-the-go lifestyle. You can find Hummus Plus available in both 6 & 8oz. packages, providing your body with anywhere from 20-28 grams of protein + 8-12 grams of keep-you-satisfied fiber! Inside each package, you’ll find your hummus & chicken stored separately + a spork & napkin to eat anywhere! For the chicken, simply open its package, empty into its given container and choose to eat cold, heat it up, eat separately or mix together with the hummus! The lids close tightly & stay secure if you’d like save any for later.

A few things I love about Hummus Plus:

Protein + Fiber. Protein is absolutely essential in building & preserving lean muscle mass + helps with post-workout muscle recovery. Hummus Plus, contains the perfect amount of protein (20-28 grams, depending on the flavor combo & package size) to help you power thru an intense workout or nourish your body afterwards. Not only are you getting protein from the chicken provided, but from the hummus, as well. Hummus, is made from one of the best vegetarian sources of protein, Chickpeas, which provide your body with much needed fiber working to stabilize blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol & make for a healthy, happy digestive system.  

Mediterranean Diet. The team & cooks behind Hummus Plus are inspired by & are big fans of the Mediterranean Diet & well, so am I! The Mediterranean diet isn’t a “diet” or the latest fad to lose weight, but a way of life. Typically, a Mediterranean diet consists of eating lean meats, healthy fats (think olive oil, raw nuts & seeds) + plenty of fresh fruits & veggies. This way of eating is a wonderful, balanced way to maintain a healthy weight without feeling deprived as “diets” often do. 

Full of Flavor. Each combination of hummus + chicken is packed with herbs & flavors. 

Healthy, active lifestyle newbie? Or an avid real-life athlete? Either way,
Hummus Plus is a perfect fit for those who already adhere to a health-conscious, active lifestyle AND for those who are looking to create new, healthy habits. The Hummus + Chicken portions are just so – perfect to fill you up without overeating, making Hummus Plus a great tool for learning proper portions.

In the spirit of this post, I’d like to share a few LS FitTips for creating & keeping healthy, happy, active lifestyle habits:

MOVE YOUR BODY EVERYDAY. You don’t always have to kill yourself when it comes to working out. Just move your body. Find a balance between intense workouts & more gentle forms of exercise. When it comes to my own personal fitness, I always feel my best when I listen to my body. I like to mix it up between strength training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), hot yoga, deep stretch classes, pilates, and somedays simply going for a long walk or bike ride outside on a gorgeous day. Keeping your workouts fresh, fun & balanced 1) keeps your body from plateauing 2) prevents injury & simply feeling burnt out

80/20 RULE. Just like your fitness regime needs that balance, so does your nutrition. The 80/20 rule is a great reminder to eat clean, wholesome, unprocessed foods the majority of the week but still give yourself a little leeway here & there to enjoy the foods you love.
I’m a big believer in Baby Steps …set realistic goals, that you know you can achieve, setting yourself up for success rather than disappointment. The last thing I would every want a client of mine to feel, is deprived and fall off the wagon. Again, being in tune with your body is essential. Appetite fluctuates based on workouts/caloric expenditure, hormones, seasons, etc…listen to you body, it will tell you what it needs.

HYDRATE. Start your day with a big glass of water – this helps to kickstart your metabolism + rids the body of toxins. Drinking water throughout the day is an easy habit to develop when keeping a water bottle handy. Get yourself a large BPA-Free water bottle to reuse or one of the many awesome, glass water bottles available today. Aim to get in at least 3L of water a day for optimal hydration, keep your metabolism up, stay mentally clear & energized throughout the day + speed up recovery time post-workout. 

SUNDAY PLANNING. “A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content”
 Sunday’s are such a wonderful day to set time aside and prepare for the week ahead! I go to the market to stock my fridge full of healthy, easily accessible foods to grab & go throughout the week. Hummus Plus, is the perfect addition in planning to eat small meals, every 3-4 hours throughout the day. Be sure to have plenty of food – for snacks & meals – readily available to keep you fueled throughout the week & on track to reaching your health & fitness goals. 

Much Love, Health & Happiness, 

This post was sponsored by Hummus Plus. All opinions remain my own. 

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