In A New York Minute

Yesterday was an incredibly fun/exciting/long/exhausting whirlwind kinda day.Up at 6, caught a 10am flight to New York, landed just before noon and had a meeting at 1pm. I had a few extra hours in the city, pondering on what the heck I should do with myself while dragging my carry on luggage along the sidewalks of New York (this sucks, btw but I packed extra bc there was an 80% chance of snow and I wanted to be prepared just in case I got stuck overnight) and then.. my ah-ha moment – YOGAaaah, duh. :))
I finally, finally checked out Tara Stiles‘ studio, Strala Yoga. I got there early, met & chatted with Shawn at the front desk and Suzy, who was my yoga guide for class. I totally loved class – Suzy led such a fun & lighthearted practice + had a rockin’ playlist.
I was right back at LGA by 715 to catch my 8pm flight, which was delayed (awesome) and I finally made it back home to CLT, utterly pooped, at 1130pm. Whew.

Here are a few snapshots from my day. xo

Healthy Travel Snacks

Healthy travel snacks — a must

Lauren Schwaiger


 take a picture each and every time I fly to NY (or anywhere for that matter) but, this city…ah, it just has this indescribable effect on me. The day I fly into NYC without a (BIG) smile on my face, and an excitement running thru me is the day my heart stops beating in my chest.

KIND Bar + Almond Milk Latte

Strala Yoga - NYC - Lauren Schwaiger

 I had to snag some Strala gear while there 🙂

Calm Breath - Open Heart - Conquer World


Strala NYC

the studio space was so minimal & peaceful. The yoga studios in NYC are quite different than Charlotte – very bare bones. I kinda love this – its just simply about…yoga. Its really neat to experience different studio spaces, yoga styles & instructors – I always learn something new – whether it be relating to the physical practice or gain a new perspective mentally/emotionally that I can take home with me.

Strala NYC - Lauren Schwaiger - Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

Organic Avenue - Juices & Smoothies

Organic Avenue
 One of my fave juice brands So many choices — I stood in front of this case for a solid 5 minutes reading descriptions & trying to pick just one…

Organic Avenue - The Titan - Smoothie Bowl

Enjoyed this Titan Smoothie Bowl (spinach, banana, granola, hemp seeds) while hiding inside from the cold, charged my quickly dying iPhone & caught up on texts & emails.

Organic Avenue - Macha Glow

Matcha Chia Glo This was one of the tastiest smoothies I’ve ever had. ever. Straight up gourmet in a bottle..the combi of flavors was perfectly perfect. Cardamom & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.. whaaaa?? So good! Total nerd..I get so excited about green juices & smoothies in NYC. There’s an abundance of brands up there that just aren’t found here in CLT or anywhere else. The city has such an edge on all things health & fitness –  its incredibly inspiring.

Healthy Travel Snacks

Aaand my return flight food… So I kinda love LGA… Its seems that every time I fly into the city, there’s some new kind of awesome vegan friendly/gluten/dairy/wheat free gem. I can now add these yummy Bean & Rice Chips to the list! In my opinion, this is one of the best healthy-traveler friendly airports — I never have a problem eating well when passing thru.

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