Innsbruck + Christkindlmarkt

Just another one of the many beautiful towns in Austria, Innsbruck is, you guessed it, another favorite of mine. Just about a 15 minute drive from Wattens, we took two trips over to Innsbruck during our trip. We spent an afternoon floating thru town, into die Altstadt (Old Town) and eventually making our way into the Hofkirche (Court Church) which has the most beautiful cloister. I’ve been inside so many times yet the awe-inspiring effect never seems to go away. There is no shortage of magnificent churches & cathedrals scattered all throughout Europe and this church is just another one on the list. A broken record, I know, but I have to say that these photos do no justice to the beauty and don’t come anywhere close to showing the incredible, intricate detail all throughout the church – truly remarkable.

Our second trip back was in the evening for the always delightful Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market). Christmastime in Austria is pretty magical and luckily, we were able to catch the Innsbruck Market but just a few days too early for some of the other amazing Christmas Markets in other towns, especially the Rattenberg Market, a real holiday treat!

Not too much more to say about this lovely town other than I adore it. I especially love the Goldenes Dachl, the most famous landmark in Innsbruck. I’ve been fascinated by the glistening golden roof ever since I was a little girl. Hope you enjoy my photos! xx

Much Love,

this was the sweetest thing…
I giant Advent Calendar made out of the windows on this building.
I looked forward to getting my calendar and that piece of chocolate every December when I was a little girl!

goofing around wearing this traditional Tyrolean drinking hat…
amazing memories involving this hat on a trip several years ago where my family & I took sleigh rides in the freezing cold to the most beautiful gasthaus. My dad & uncle were drinking schnapps & passing around the hat. A true winter wonderland, there was so  much snow on the ground & trees. You get all bundled up with blankets for your sleigh ride pulled by the most beautiful horses. Incredible memories ♡

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