Juice Bar CLT

Hello, loves!!
I’m super excited to share that there is a new spot in town to fuel up on super fresh, whole fruit & veggie juices + superfood-packed smoothies!

LOVE this!
Fresh ingredients, nothing artificial & supporting our local community!

Juice Bar has opened its first location in Providence Plaza, located on the corner of Providence Rd. & Sharon Amity. Brilliant location choice, if ya ask me – just 2 doors down from Flywheel. Juice Bar has plans to open a second location in Park Rd. Shopping Center + a rumored 3rd store in the Metropolitan. Sweeeeet!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Charlotte has been in need of a place like Juice Bar for quite some time!  Its so nice to now have a juice & smoothie shop to pop into rather than a) fighting the crowd at Whole Foods or b) the slowest juice & smoothie station on the planet, that is…Earth Fare, when in need of some liquid nourishment! Juice Bar is on point with their ingredients, menu & even offering what I like to call, Power Shots, made with essential oils!

Wheatgrass & Chia Seeds
Just 2 of the many superfood health boosters available at Juice Bar.

Grab some local goodies…
honey, granola or one of my faves, brüks bars + other healthy snacks to keep you fueled on the go!

Juice Bar has an awesome menu full of fresh juices to choose from. And as the board above says – fresh juice is a great way to lose weight (if needed) & feel great!
Personally, I’m a smoothie girl myself, but definitely love a fruit/veg juice here & there, too! One juice I’ll definitely be going back for, We Got the Beet, with beet & carrot juice to give you that healthy, gorgeous glow from within! 😉

Considering my current health obsession, Matcha, I went with the Matcha Green Tea Smoothie! It was super yum, filled me up + gave me loads of energy!

I’m couldn’t be happier to have Juice Bar be apart of our growing city! Definitely be sure to stop in & show them some “I Love Juice Bar” Love! xx

Much Love, Health, Happiness.


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