Keepin’ it Lite…

Gave my digestive system a little vaca today with some lighter fare to contrast yesterday’s higher carb + steak dinner. Felt really good to not eat any meat today.

Apple + Almond Butter

Apple + Almond Butter (all.time.fave.)
Didn’t snap a ph
oto, but also ate scrambled eggs (1 whole/2 whites) cooked in avocado oil.

1/2 sweet potato

Cucumber, Tomato, Celery & Hummus

delicious midi snack Cayenne Pepper on top of my hummus

Bean & Spinach Soup

  Red Beans & Spinach Soup for din.

Workout was on the lighter side today, as well. I spent a glorious hour on the Greenway earlier this evening enjoying nature, my music and the beautiful Spring temps.
Fun, easy cardio – Run a song/Power Walk a song.
I’m heading to hot yoga at 8pm. 🙂

xx – LS

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