Keeping it Simple…Green Smoothie

As much as I adore all my give-me-super-powers super foods & smoothie boosters – chia seeds, flaxseed, maca powder, cinnamon and such – some days, its nice to just keep it simple. 
This morning was one of those simple mornings…woke up and started my day, as I often do, with warm water + lemon + ACV followed by this super simple 4-ingredient Green Smoothie.

♡ 2 handfuls, organic baby kale (Trader Joe’s) 
♡ 1 banana
♡ 1/2 organic cucumber, peeled
♡ 1/2 lemon, juiced
♡ water & ice

Not much in this smoothie + using water as the base, creates quite a bit of separation. 

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