When it comes to {good} skin care, I’m very much in the school of thought that you only get one face so you better take good care of it, yes? Yes! Naturally, I take this stance on whole body health – your body IS your temple – but today we are talking, About Face. 
Furthermore, I believe in nourishing your skin from both the inside & out. If you follow along regularly, its no secret that I adhere to a “you are what you eat” lifestyle but with that being said, proper skin care isn’t anything to skimp on either.

The combination of a healthy, predominately plant-based diet, rich in leafy greens + colorful fruits & veggies + healthy fats, along with some really good skin care, works wonders for preserving that youthful appearance that we all wish to hold on to for as long as we can. 
Over the last several years, I’ve become pretty loyal to Chanel Skin Care. I adore it, really, and have even turned a few friends onto it, too! (This includes my mom)

 The entire LE LIFT Skin Care Line is pretty amazeballs and my skin just drinks. it. up.

Every night after cleansing my face, I apply a generous layer of the LE LIFT Face Creme + gently, dab on my LE LIFT Eye Creme all around the delicate eye area. 

These 2 products are not with a small price tag, however, a little goes a long way, each jar lasting for several months – the eye creme, especially – and if you ask me, its worth it, if you wish to age gracefully… xx

What are some of your favorite skin care lines!? 

Much Love, 

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