Lettuce Be Friends + My Favorite Leafy Greens

Given the insane amounts of salads & green smoothies I consume throughout each week, when I first spotted this super cute Lettuce Be Friends graphic tank, there was just no doubt it was coming home with me! haha

In the spirit of this tank + my love of leafy greens…I figured, I’d add some actual value to this “outfit” post by spreading a little Lettuce Love!
As I’m sure we all do, I have my go-to brands depending on where I’m shopping. I’m a super fresh shopper, popping into the store about 2x a week. Depending on the day or what part of town I’m in, I’ll visit Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Earth Fare or Harris Teeter on occasion

Here’s a little breakdown of my favorite
lettuces & leaves, brands I love & where I get them!

Baby Arugala, Herb Blend, Baby Spinach, “Deep Green” Kale Blends – Kale, Power, Zen, Kale Italia.
*The herb blend is seriously delicious* If your a fan of herbs (parsley, dill, basil, cilantro, mint…) like me, you will LOVE this green blend to add some extra flavor to your salads. You can really taste the herbs in this mixture…just as if you added them from your own garden! YUM.

ORGANIC GIRL. Supergreens, Mache Rosettes, Mache Blend,
Baby Arugala, Baby Kale, Heart of Romaine, Baby Spinach & Arugala

Power to the Greens, Organic Arugala, Organic Baby Spinach, Organic Mixed Baby Kale

Same as Earth Fare, but their selection isn’t as varied.

When picking up a head of fresh lettuce or greens sans the packaging, some of my faves are:
Dandelion Greens
Romaine Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Kale (all varieties)

A couple other green things…
– My everyday smoothies are typically made with baby spinach or a power greens mixture.
– Watercress is really amazing in salads & super cleansing.
– Dandelion Greens, while a bit bitter, are incredible for a super detox smoothie. Start with a small amount, see how you like it and add from there.

Remember to buy organic when possible & vary your greens for optimal nutrient absorption + healthy digestion.

Eat Your Greens!! xx

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