Life Lately: Summer Edition

Hello loves! Its been a quite a while since I’ve done any type of Life Lately post, so I figured this Summer Edition would be a fun read & catch you all up on what’s going on in my life! And (!!) I couldn’t think of a better place to write this post from, which is here in Park City, Utah where I’m spending an amazing long, weekend with my love! 

{ had the best day location scouting all over with Adam! Utah is SO beautiful! }

If your just tuning into Le Blog, let me fill ya in just a bit…
 My boyfriend Adam, is a cinematographer, he films movies & commercials, which means extended periods of time away from home. Last summer/fall (July-November) he was in Richmond, VA filming the movie Loving. (which is amazing and will be released in November!) Other than a 3 week stint in LA to do some editing and a couple commercials here & there, Adam has been home with me since filming wrapped in RVA last November and having him home with me, by my side, for all this time has been nothing short of AMAZING. The last several months have been so special, and has made our already wonderful relationship even better & has brought us closer than ever…we’ve had so much quality time together, our parents met & we just celebrated being together for 2 years in May! #LOVE

So, here we are another summer (I can’t believe its July already!!) and another movie. Like many industries have their slow season, so does film, and many movies are filmed during the summer season. It goes without saying that yes, it does suck to have the love of my life away at arguably the best time of year but this is his career, I am SO proud of him, support him in every way and we always make the best of being apart. We both love to travel, which is a fun perk of what he does…Adam has traveled all over the world and I get to go visit him wherever he is and we get to explore new places together and make beautiful new memories together! 

Adam & I are both super positive people, so being all down in the dumps that he’s here & I’m there just isn’t how we do life. We talk constantly,  send photos to each other of our day & Adam always makes me feel a part of what he’s doing and has going on + whenever he’s away I fly to see him every two weeks! 
During those in between weeks, I take advantage of my extra alone time and just focus on things that I need to get done that I may not do when my boo is home & I’m super productive! Of course I have my days where I miss my love extra but rather than letting myself get sad, I just stay positive & keep myself busy!

Here’s what I’ve been up to/focusing on this summer…
If you happen to have a boyfriend/significant other that travels for work or have to spend time apart like Adam & I do, perhaps this can inspire you to do the same! 

BLOG LIFE. I always joke around with A and tell him that I blog so much more when he’s gone! (LOL) Uhm, this is so true! I have lots of ideas for the blog this summer and I’ve already been posting much more since Adam came out here to Park City 2 weeks ago, so stay tuned! 😉 
FAMILY TIME. I pick one night a week to go have dinner and actually have a sleep over with my parents. This is so nice & my parents absolutely love it! We have a great dinner, some vino, talk & catch up. (Enjoy your parents while you have them!!) 
GIRL TIME. More girls dinners or just meeting girlfriends for a coffee date. Life gets so busy & when your in a relationship, I think its only natural that you sometimes spend less time with your girlfriends. Girl time & laughing over silly stuff is just good for the soul!! 
YouTube CHANNEL. Eek! So, I’m putting this out here! I’m really trying to get out of my comfort zone and do more videos. There are a few on my Channel that I’ve done over the last few weeks and my goal is to just keep making more & keep improving them. Check it out & lmk what you think! (just search for me!)
WORKING ON MY FITNESS. (this is actually one of those blog post ideas I was talking about above) lets just say that Adam & I were in the honeymoon phase of our relationship and I was having way to much fun being in love & happy & drinking wine with him too much, and eating dessert & way too many meals out… somewhere along the way I lost sight of eating the way I need to not only look, but FEEL my best & I just wasn’t working out as hard as I used to. Side Note: We are still honeymooning & I think we always will but i just have a better handle on not eating what he eats! (Damn men and their super fast eat-anything-and-not-gain-a-pound metabolisms!) Haha  This has already been in effect for a few months, but I’m on a mission to get back in killer, lean machine shape. I just haven’t been as lean as I was…2 years ago to be exact, and there was this period of time within the last year where I just didn’t feel as happy & confident with my body as I once did. 
REAL ESTATE. So getting into Real Estate is NOT easy guys! Especially since I work full time as a personal trainer. I’m working with my mom and I’m learning as much as I can & my goal is to sell at least one home this summer! 
Click link to read about Passing the NC Real Estate Exam

Life is what you make of it, loves! Focus on the good, the happy and the positive! Stay busy, fill your time with things you love, people you love & always do something to improve yourself! I think people can get down about being alone, but “me time” is actually such a great thing & a lot of growth can happen in that space…

Thanks so much for stopping in! xx

Much Love

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