LS Travels | Austria Photo Diary: Part II | Kitzbühel + Hotel Schwarzer Adler

 As we continued to squeeze in as much as we possibly could, our last few days in Austria flew by way too quickly! Friday, was unfortunately one of those partially lost travel days as we spent most of the day in the car leaving Wattens, driving to Söll to see my Aunt & cousins and eventually making our way to Kitzbühel, which is where we would spend our last 2 nights in Austria.

Friday morning was spent saying bis dann to my Opa — loads of hugs, kisses & tears as its incredibly tough to leave your 88 year old Opa with the thought of living so far away from him….
Hopping in the car, we drove to Söll for a typical Austrian afternoon with my Aunt enjoying coffee, meats & cheeses & wine.
Only a short visit until dinner with the family later, we needed to drive about 30 more minutes to get checked in at the beautiful Hotel Schwarzer Adler – a boutique hotel right in the heart of the village of Kitzbühel. This unique hotel was created in an old Tyrolean Inn, preserving that warm & inviting, traditional Austrian style that I love so much but with rustic modern touches throughout, especially in the rooms.

Our room was super minimal but still with a warm & cozy feeling provided by oak wood floors & furniture. (oh, and the fact that Austria + the rest of Europe is in the middle of a record setting heat wave & we had no AC! haha) #SweatySleepSituation

After getting checked in + a quick shower, we got right back in the car to drive back to Söll for a long dinner with my family enjoying a gorgeous evening outside on the patio at a the cutest Italian spot, Pizzeria Giovanni.

the yummiest spritzer & chicken salad at Pizzeria Giovanni 

Happy to wake up in Kitzbühel on Saturday morning (Happy 4th of July!!!) and spend the day with my love! We made the most of our day doing what we love – one part relaxing, one part active! After breakfast, we took a stroll around town & then spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon lounging by the gorgeous rooftop pool & taking in the amazing views of the Alps that surrounded us…

even the bathroom had a killer view…not a bad place to do your business. haha

As hard as it was to peel ourselves off our lounges & away from the amazing rooftop pool, it was time to get up & get moving! We took the gondola all the way up to Hahnenkamm, a mountain in the Kitzbühel Alps with an elevation of 1,712 metres (5,617 ft) above sea level.

Before we began our 3+ hour hike down the mountain, we stopped for a bier, (for the boy) a spritzer, (for moi) and a so-good gemischter salat at the sweetest Gasthaus.

Going primarily straight downhill for 3 hours isn’t exactly the most amazing feeling in the world, especially as you have to catch yourself from sliding on the rocky/gravel roads. My shins & calves were screaming a bit and I definitely had my moments where lets just say I wasn’t the happiest hiker, but snapped out it every time I just stopped to stretch it out, breathe in the amazingly fresh air & all the beauty that surrounded us.

By the time we made it down the mountain we were in some other town, sweaty, hungry & this forward fold felt ahhh-mazing….

we walked thru town, found a gas station, a couple giant bottles of water & a taxi to take us back to our hotel…

After a little rest & a shower we got ready for dinner & our last night in Austria. Thanks to an incredible recommendation made by Robert, our super fab & friendly bartender at the Schwarzer Adler, we had the most romantical dinner & all-around amazing dining experience at Bergdiele, which was just a short walk thru the village.

After dinner, it was back to the Schwarzer Adler and to the bar for one last glass of wine before heading up to our room.

Stay tuned for our Mallorca Photo Diaries next! xx

Live, Love, Travel


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