Maintenance Plan

Acupuncture, Dry Needling & ART

Hiiii! Hope you are all having an awesome week! Today, I just wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about one of the ways I take care of my body – particularly my neck and shoulders – to reduce pain/tension/tightness/inflammation (all that fun stuff) from all of my working out. I like to call this my “Maintenance Plan”.

Acupuncture Needles in Neck/Traps

I have gone to a chiropractor on and off for about 6-7  years now – taking a break for close to a year, I have just started back up with my visits about 3 weeks ago. Throughout the years, I have tried & tested about 4 different chiropractors and stuck with one for a few years that I really liked and did get me some relief…BUT, still this was only temporary.  I was becoming way too dependent on him, often running to his office and scheduling rush appointments to get in there to get cracked back into place! Finally, I decided this was no way to live and decided to lay off on the constant adjustments and establish a better regime on my own – mainly this involved carving out the time for more stretching and foam rolling.

With all that being said, here I am, nearly a year later and I am trying out a new doc that came highly recommended through a gf of mine and so far I am loving him! If you live in the Ballantyne area and looking for a chiropractor definitely check out Dr. Brad Wiest with Carolina Sports Clinic. Some docs can be a bit too aggressive/invasive which can leave you feeling tight and sore afterwards…not cool! Isn’t the whole point to leave feeling BETTER than when you walked thru the door?!

I’ve been to Dr. Brad 3x in the last 3 weeks and already can feel a noticeable difference in my neck, shoulders and chest.

Acupuncture Needling

Below are the 3 main treatments I have done at each visit:

– Soft Tissue Work (specifically ART – Active Release Therapy)
– Adjustment of my C-Spine (neck) and rhomboids (muscle that lies between your shoulder blades)
– Acupuncture & Dry Needling

The combination of the 3 work to reduce muscle tension and adhesions in the soft tissue which prevent injury and increase athletic performance – which, of course, makes me a very happy girl! There is nothing more frustrating than muscle pain & tension to hold you back when your trying to reach health & fitness goals! Errrr…

Going to the gym, lifting the weights and pounding the treadmill day after day, week after week, is only one tiny piece of the puzzle. Please take care of your precious bodies and do all you can to keep yourself healthy! Check back soon for How To Videos & Posts on Foam Rolling so maybe you can start up your own Maintenance Plan and feel your best! 🙂

Much Love,


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