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when it comes to my “about face” routine, I tend to keep things super simple. This applies to both my skin care {post coming soon} & make up routines. I’m definitely one for the less is more look & I think its so refreshing to let your natural beauty shine rather than hiding under layers upon layers of makeup. Granted, I am blessed with clear skin and I know not everyone has this good fortune but aside from good genetics, I do believe that you are what you eat & getting that gorgeous glow from within by filling your plate with beautiful, colorful, seasonal fresh fruits, veggies & superfoods. Feed your skin & beauty and let all this stuff below be secondary,
Hope you all enjoy this post & feel free to leave any questions/comments below! xx

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So I’ve been blessed with some serious lashes but this mascara is amazing! I get so many compliments on my lashes and I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if my lashes are real! A. YES! 100% real + my Chanel mascara. My lashes basically touch my brows. Its amazing. This has been the only mascara I’ve used for years and so worth $30 a tube! I mean, it lasts for months! I get the regular, not waterproof. I actually can’t stand waterproof mascara.

So the only reason I have this liner is for my brows. I stopped use black eyeliner YEARS ago. If  I ever line my eyes, which is basically never, I love a soft brown, green or purple liner. My eyebrows are black, for real! All of those every-shade-of-brown brow pencils & kits just don’t work for my brows. This liner + an angle brush (see below) is my tried & true method for filling in my brows.

My mom got me this amazing palette of neutral shadows for Christmas last year & I’ve been in love with it ever since. I love how the neutral tones in this palette match that of my own skin & just open up & make me look & feel all bright-eyed & beautiful! You can keep things super soft & airy or as you work your way across the palette you can create a soft, smokey eye with darker browns & a toned-down black. I love blending 3-4 of the colors creating a look all my own.

I love this blush & how natural it looks on your cheeks without looking to overdone. Anytime I see a girl with over-the-top blush I just want to help her – seriously! Choose from 12 different shades – I use ’99 Rose Petale’ – and you’ll have the most perfectly, perfect rosy cheeks.

This has been my go-to powder for the last 3 years, (maybe longer, I’m terrible with time) and I continue to love it every time I purchase a new palette. I have never used foundation and at this point in my life don’t have any plans to.
3 things I adore about Les Beiges…
1. it contains an SPF 15
2. Its completely matte without any shimmer at all. When I was in my late teens & 20’s I was all for the shimmer but now I love the clean, polished look of a matte powder. Shimmer/glitter can settle in even the finest of lines and make you look older, uhm, no thank you.
Go with the matte, ladies.
3. it makes your skin glow!!  This powder brightens your skin and gives you such a healthy, even complexion. I get compliments all the time!
There are 7 shades to choose from which makes it pretty easy to match your complexion – I use No. 40.
I use just enough to get that even glow + enhance my tan.
WINTERTIME.  I might go a little heavier to cover up my pale, winter skin. (ugh!)

This is another one of those that I’ve been using for years and every time I apply it I still love it just as much as the first time I used it! In my opinion, this is THE perfect highlighter. I apply a thin layer of Watt’s Up all along my brow bone & just into the crease of my eyelid. If I’m really getting all done up for an event or a shoot and want a bit of contouring, I will use just a light layer on each side of the bridge of my nose + cupids bow. The finishing touch comes when I apply my Les Beiges Powder!

I am obsessed (!!) with lipgloss. My lips are never not glossed! haha I’ve used all kinds of glosses, from high to low, and I always come back to VS Beauty Rush Gloss. I totally take advantage of their 4 for $20 deal and I have glosses stashed all over the house & in every bag. I’m not kidding, guys! I literally go to bed with it. Again, I do stay away from the ones with the shimmer.

For years, my mom would get me the MAC Holiday Collection as one of my Christmas gifts. I LOVED this gift! Every set would come with a whole new batch of brushes! So, needless to say, I have loads of makeup brushes! If you take good care & cleanse your brushes regularly, you can keep & use for years – which I have. With all that being said, below are the makeup brushes that I use & love!

I have one for my bronzer powder & one for blush
this is the brush I use to apply the Watt’s Up Highlighter
this is my eyeshadow brush – it blends everything super evenly without getting shadow all over.
I fill in my brows with this small, angle brush. I gently make a few strokes, in the same direction, against the black liner I shared above. Before taking the brush to my brows, I lightly tap the brush on a tissue to get any excess liner off. This just make sure your brows don’t look to harsh & you get a softer, more natural look vs. looking like you don’t know what your doing. lol

So, this is pretty much the whole kit and caboodle that I rotate thru. On most days of my life, I leave the house with a swipe of mascara + a super lightly filled in brow using whatever is left on the brush from the last time I filled in my brows & lip gloss. The rest is for when I’m heading out. When I was younger I just loved ALL the makeup and for the last few years & just continue to love the au naturale version of me more & more.
I encourage you to try it on, too! 🙂

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